“Rich Media” is term used to describe enhanced technology used in Internet advertising for animation, video, special effects, or user interactively. This includes ad units such as Adobe Flash, rollovers, video, sliding billboards, corner peels, interstitials and more.

Flash Animation
Flash ads must adhere to the Standard Ad Unit specs and file size requirements.
View the Flash ad specific specs.

Sidekick Ads
The Sidekick is an expandable format that launches from a standard display ad unit and pushes the page content leftward to reveal a large, side panel. The Sidekick enables myriad creative possibilities that are delivered without affecting page content and leave the viewer in charge.

The Sidekick ad must be built out using Pointroll. The creative starts outs as a regular 300×250 and expands out to a 850×700 sidekick panel on a CLICK only. Further Sidekick ad specifications are detailed in the IAB Sidekick Style Guide.

Filmstrip Ads

The Filmstrip enables enhanced creative story‐telling capabilities within a single ad creative and offers a richly engaging user experience. The Filmstrip ad consists of a 300×3000 canvas with five different segments, viewable through a 300×600 window which is fully controlled by the viewer.  Simple engagement features – scroll, click, hover, and touch – allow the user to explore all five segments of the 300×3000 creative.
Filmstrip ad specifications are detailed in the IAB Filmstrip Style Guide.

Portrait Ads
The Portrait is a 300 x 1050 canvas format with state-of-the-art plug and play functionality that balances well with page content. The Portrait consists of three rich media modules that make it easy to share HD video, audio, images, social media and other interactive elements.

Portrait ad specifications are detailed in the IAB 300×1050 Style Guide.

Sliding Billboard Ads
A sliding billboard (SBB) is an expandable ad unit just below site navigation that pushes down page contents when it opens. When open, it has an overall size of 980×330.  Two ad units should be built.

  • The “pencil” or “leave behind” unit
    980×30 • 40k max • static only • jpg recommended
  • The large, billboard unit
    980×300 • 90k max • rich media allowed • swf, .gif, .jpg
    A close button must be left off entirely OR must be included in the billboard and be 3px from the right, 3px from the top, 85px wide and 25px high. If there is no close button on the billboard one will inserted, but the upper right corner of the 980×300 MUST be free of any important text or images.

Corner Peels
90k maximum file size total. 800×600 total ad size, expanding from a 125×100 top-right corner unit. Corner Peel ads will be considered an impact ad and are frequency-capped at one per user per day. These ads can only be served to users with browsers greater than 1085×600.

Build one 125×100 SWF file for the corner unit, and another full size ad 800×600 SWF file. syracuse.com designers can then compile the two files for functionality.

Rollover/Expandable Ads
There are additional rollover and expandable options and designs. Please discuss your creative ideas with your Syracuse Media Group Account Executive so that we can send you customized spec requirements that fit your particular ad design and needs.

Video Ads
View the Video ad specific specs.