Assess and Market Your Company’s Reputation

How consumers perceive a corporation can directly impact its success. Organizations dedicated to maintaining their positive reputation have greater opportunities to outperform their competitors and tend to recruit and retain more talent. Additionally, companies who stay aware of their reputation, continuously looking to improve it, can progress quicker by having greater leverage with suppliers, a strong influence over stakeholders, and leaner marketing spending.

Many business owners and managers may wonder how to measure their reputation as it’s not a tangible asset. Although abstract, a company’s reputation can be measured, and most of the time, the data needed to measure it already exists within the business. At AMNY Recruitment Marketing, we craft strategic recruitment solutions for businesses in a variety of industries to help them achieve marketing success. Here, we detail the steps to assessing your company’s current reputation.

Where to Look

Taking the time to get a better understanding of your company’s reputation can be beneficial for several reasons. Most notably, it provides a detailed impression of where a business currently stands and outlines the steps required to achieve success. Correctly managing and maintaining your company’s reputation can be accomplished by breaking down three crucial components:

Internal Groups

The saying change comes from within rings true in the world of business. The people within an organization help shape its reputation from the inside out. Because of the important role they play, knowing how they feel about your organization is crucial.

One way to better comprehend your employees’ perspectives is to perform an audit. When drafting the audit, use wording that encourages honest answers and doesn’t persuade workers to only give the answers you want. The audit can be implemented into already established channels of communication to make the process easier.

The results of this audit can be used to measure if employees enjoy working for your company and if they understand and believe in its mission. Compiling this data will provide an overall impression of your company culture and your influence.

External Groups

Reputation is often informed by company culture, which begins from within. However, it’s equally important to take an outside view of your business. There are various types of external groups, but the one most driving your reputation is customers.

To glean insights from this group, consider creating surveys that ask questions about experience and satisfaction, like “How likely are you to choose this brand again?” Combining the data from these surveys with online reviews and other pertinent metrics will give you a better understanding of your reputation.

Financial Metrics

How well a company is doing financially is also an indication of its reputation. Although it’s not always the most accurate determining factor, higher share prices and revenues signify to many customers this brand is worth considering. Other financial metrics that more shrewd customers may look at include market share or cross-selling of products.

As valuable as financial benchmarks are when gauging your company’s reputation, be careful not to rely on them alone. Assessing financial metrics should always be coupled with intent and action. No matter the reputation your revenue provides, it doesn’t mean much if you seldom engage with your target audience and rarely experience new conversions. If this situation describes your business, it’s possible your reputation is passive — even as it’s positive — and not benefiting you as much as it could.

Market Your Company’s Culture with AMNY Recruitment Marketing

Unlike other assets, reputation isn’t something you can obtain — it must be earned. Your business has worked hard to build its reputation, and now is the time to showcase it. For assistance highlighting reputation in your marketing efforts, turn to AMNY Recruitment Marketing.

We specialize in connecting top talent to businesses in a variety of spaces, but we also aid in crafting effective content that demonstrates what makes your company different. Allow our team to market your company’s culture while attracting like-minded candidates that would be an ideal fit. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive services.