What is ePost-Standard?
ePost-Standard is an exact replica of the printed paper, but available electronically. It’s published every day and viewable on your computer, tablet or mobile device. Apps are available for Kindle Fire, Android or iPad.

What is the difference between an electronic edition, print edition and
ePost-Standard is an exact replica of the print edition with a few exceptions. Coupons and advertising inserts are not included. There are also extra features such as text/graphic-only views, single or double page views, enlarged print, word search, and a rolling 30-day archive of past editions. is our news and information website that is updated in real-time throughout the day. ePost-Standard is static.

To whom is it available?
ePost-Standard is included in your Sunday or 3 day subscription package. If you are outside of our home delivery area, you may purchase just the ePost-Standard. ePost-Standard is accessible even if your print subscription is on a temporary hold.

Does it matter if I have broadband or dial-up?
No, but dial-up is slower. We strongly recommend using a broadband connection for best connectivity and enjoyment.

What time can I access ePost-Standard each morning?
It should be uploaded each day by 6 a.m. but often comes much earlier. By default, you will receive daily email notifications of the day’s top stories that will link you to the ePost-Standard. If you don’t wish to receive the automatic notifications, follow the directions at the bottom of the email to opt out. This notification will only go to the email address that was used to register the account. If you would like more than one person in your household to receive the email, please notify us by calling 315-470-6397 or sending an email to  You can also log on directly by going to Log in with your email address and password. Access is also available through Select ePost-Standard at the Top of the page.

Can I access the ePost-Standard from more than one computer?
Yes. You are able to access the edition as many times throughout the day as you like as long as the number of devices you are logging in from does not exceed 3. If you login from more than 3 devices, your access will be denied.

I lost my password. How do I retrieve it?
You can select the ‘Forgot Password’ button that appears on the log-in page. A temporary password will be emailed to you along with a link to update the temporary password. If your new password does not allow you access, please contact customer service at 315-470-6397 (NEWS) or 1-800-765-3231 or email us at

What parts of the paper do you get with ePost-Standard?
All sections of the paper are replicated,  including all of our Thursday Neighbors zone sections regardless of where you are located. Comics, crosswords, and Sudoku are included, too. Sunday coupons and inserts are not available in the ePS.

How do I sign up to start receiving ePost-Standard?
You must first register your account. Registering your account allows you both access to the ePost-Standard as well as access to manage your account online. Click here to register.  Remember that to complete your registration, you must click on the activation link that will be sent to your email address after you submit your registration information.

How can I contact the ePost-Standard team with a question or comment?
Go to or contact customer service at 315-470-6397.