Print advertising

Newspaper display ads and inserts, magazine ads and more

We offer print options for every budget. The Post-Standard is published and delivered to homes and stores every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Advertisers can choose from the options below to build a program that’s best for their business.
  • Full-run ads for maximum frequency. Place your ad in a section such as Main News, Sports, Local, Weekend, or Classified.
  • Part-run ads for affordable geo-targeting. Select one or more of five zoned Neighbors sections in Onondaga County to focus on or add frequency to a certain area.
  • Special sections and special programs to focus your message. Themed sections, front-page strip ads, post-its and other unique positions and programs put ads that work to work for your business.
  • Pre-prints to target one zip code, several or the entire market. Newspaper inserts can be an affordable alternative to the postal service. Provide your own material or let us print it for you. Product sampling is also available. Add Spree for full market coverage. Delivered to households that don’t receive Sunday home delivery, adding Spree to your buy will increase the reach of your insert.

Magazines that connect and engage unique audiences

The Good Life, Central New York Magazine connects advertisers and affluent Central New Yorkers with engaging content and evocative ads that focus on people, food, fashion, culture and home. Your sales message will appear in a publication that’s delivered to 18,500 households with incomes over $125,000 in Onondaga County plus Cazenovia in Madison County. A limited number of additional copies are also available at select retail locations, and a digital replica of the magazine is available as well on our membership website.

Published every two months

  • Jan/Feb Issue
  • Mar/Apr Issue
  • May/Jun Issue
  • Jul/Aug Issue
  • Sep/Oct Issue
  • Nov/Dec Issue
To learn more about our print advertising solutions, contact a marketing consultant today.