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Herkimer College


As part of the State University of New York network, Herkimer College is ranked among the top two-year colleges in the nation based on transfer and graduation rates. Over the last few years, our creative team has produced videos for the college for a few different marketing campaigns our company has strategized and overseen.


  • Creative Strategy
  • Video Production
  • Marketing Distribution

TikTok Campaigns

It’s safe to say every college knows that their next generation of students are on TikTok. Knowing that – it’s important to have a presence there and Herkimer College approached our creative team looking to have some creative produced to experiment with the platform (since they weren’t on TikTok yet). Our creative team strategized some concepts that would stand out to prospective students and we were happy with the end result.

eSports Campaign

Herkimer College brought competitive video game playing to campus in Fall 2020 when they launched its official esports athletics program. In preparation of that, they approached our creative team looking for a video that would entice students into the new program. Our creative team produced this fast-paced video that had the feel of a video game which we felt was very important. Not only did we version the video into a few different sizes, our team also distributed the creative through a marketing campaign targeted to potential students who had an interest in video games.

Online Programs Campaign

During the midst of the pandemic, producing video was a challenge since we had to do it in a remote fashion. For this particular video, our creative team worked virtually with the staff at Herkimer College where we gave them direction on what we needed them to accomplish. We thought it would be impactful to have the president record herself (with shooting tips provided by us) delivering an impactful message. We then mixed that with other supplied assets to produce this video that assures students they can get a high quality education all online.

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