3 SEO Downfalls to Avoid on Your Airport’s Website

Airports like yours are used to dedicating large portions of your marketing budget to advertising on social media, television, or the radio, as well as pay-per-click tactics, to generate traffic to your website. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with investing your marketing dollars in these areas, your resources can go even further when you enhance your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). Instead of paying for website visitors, spending some time and energy in developing a sound SEO strategy can bring in a host of unpaid traffic in the future.

SEO isn’t easy, however, and you must ensure that any updates you make to your website will provide more benefit than harm. Here, Advance Media New York’s Advance Aviation division explains the three most common SEO pitfalls made by websites and how you can avoid them with the help of the right partner.

Lack of SEO Keywords

Whether or not you’re familiar with the concept of incorporating SEO keywords into your website’s written content, getting it right often requires professional guidance. Keywords themselves often relate to the major themes and topics across your content, but they take on a different meaning in the world of SEO. If you’re misusing or not using them at all, your website could be suffering as a result.

When travelers are searching for the best deals on airfare or the most convenient airport to fly from, the queries they enter into search engines like Google will lead them to a list of websites. Your website will only make the top of the list, however, if your content contains the phrase they’re searching for. And because 75% of searchers won’t scroll past page one of the search engine results page (SERP), your website needs a strong presence of SEO keywords that will make your site rank at the top.

Poor Meta Descriptions

Even if you have the most detailed webpage in the world, readers might not be enticed to click on it if you’re using a vague meta description. When browsing the SERP, travelers will naturally be more drawn to pages with informative, confidently toned meta descriptions as opposed to websites that were short or didn’t bother filling them in at all.

While fixing your meta descriptions may seem simple, they must be more than descriptive. Creating effective meta descriptions requires a special formula that only the help of an agency like Advance Aviation can help you develop. For instance, they must be a certain character length and contain the right SEO keywords to not only attract more clicks but help your site rise through the SERP ranks.

Misuse of Internal Links

Content published to your airport’s website should also feature the correct use of internal links. However, many sites make common mistakes when linking that takes a toll on their SEO efforts, such as:

  • Using generic anchor text instead of specific wording
  • Having the same anchor text for all links, such as “click here”
  • Including too many links to external websites
  • Adding internal links too frequently

Using internal links correctly requires a delicate balance, which Advance Aviation can help your airport strike when revamping your SEO strategy.

Make Your Website Stand Out from Your Competitors

To truly master every aspect of SEO, partnering with an agency like Advance Aviation can help your website form the correct strategy to attract more organic traffic. To learn more about SEO downfalls to avoid with your airport’s website or to learn how our capabilities and expertise can benefit your SERP ranking, contact us today.