Marketing Healthcare Organizations to a Diverse Audience

One size fits all doesn’t apply to healthcare patients. They are a unique group comprising various qualities. When it comes to healthcare marketing, it’s important to acknowledge and support this diversity. However, this task is often easier said than done. At AMNY Health Marketing, our team can help your healthcare organization enhance its marketing capabilities by creating effective strategies that focus on diverse audiences. Here, we explore what diversity in healthcare marketing means and the ways your organizations can find marketing success.

What Does Diversity in Healthcare Marketing Look Like?

The goal of any marketing strategy is to reach a desired audience. But what if your audience encompasses a wide range of demographics from several backgrounds? Traditional healthcare marketing strategies, which only focused on addressing consumers within the market majority and then filtering for ethnicity, have become outdated and ineffective. Although accounting for diversity in healthcare is challenging, it’s not impossible to achieve.

Marketing helps increase patient connection and engagement with healthcare providers. Going beyond that, effective and informative healthcare marketing can better educate communities and can be a critical step in helping improve health outcomes for all. This requires knowing your audience.

A recent study conducted by Pew Research Center analyzed Census Bureau data and found that the millennial generation, and those after, are leading the way in diversity change. These groups of people are already the most racially and ethnically diverse generation. These findings indicate that if this generation doesn’t make up your target audience now, they will soon, and your practice marketing will need to support the diversity represented.

Understanding your current patient base and their backgrounds is critical to building trust and opening new doors for new generations of patients. Diverse healthcare strategy requires organizations to be aware of these components and implement them into their marketing efforts.

Achieving Diversity in Marketing Strategies

When attempting to create effective marketing strategies that appeal to a diverse group of patients or patient prospects, healthcare organizations should consider the following:

Understanding Service Area

Not all healthcare organizations are global or national providers. Many hospitals, health systems, private practices, and homecare agencies serve a specific area. Healthcare institutions that fall under this category should familiarize themselves with the patients who live within their service areas. Knowing your service area’s demographic group is vital to connecting and engaging with existing and potential patients.

Keep in mind, if your practice has not recently researched your service area, your marketing efforts could target an audience based on outdated stats or unsupported market assumptions.

Knowing Prevalent Health Conditions

Understanding your diverse target audience doesn’t only entail knowing their backgrounds and cultural identities. It also involves having a deep understanding of their needs and what health conditions they experience the most. This knowledge will allow healthcare organizations to tailor their marketing efforts around these health concerns, attracting a wider audience and ultimately helping more people with healthcare needs.

Avenues Available For Communication

Knowing your audience and their needs won’t do you any good if you don’t have an effective way to reach them. Healthcare organizations should focus on how they are reaching their audience, honing their efforts based on their patients’ preferences.

For example, if a healthcare organization’s audience mainly consists of millennials or Gen Zers, traditional marketing tactics may not be effective. Instead, medical providers should consider pivoting their marketing strategies to a more accessible and user-friendly digital platform.

Another aspect to consider is language barriers that might exclude patients. Think about whether or not your practice provides any resources or materials to communicate with these patients.

Diverse Marketing Strategies at AMNY Health Marketing

The key to achieving diversity with healthcare marketing is understanding your audience. This allows your organization to reach and connect with a broad range of individuals that come from different backgrounds and life experiences.

At AMNY Health Marketing, we focus our marketing efforts on your audience’s needs, creating effective content that will attract and appeal to a wide range of patients. For more information about our offerings and services, contact us today at AMNY Health Marketing.