Enhance Your Healthcare Recruitment Strategy with Day-in-the-Life Content Creation

Healthcare has changed significantly over the years, but so has the modern marketing strategy. And while there are many ways to boost recruitment in nursing, spreading the message across multiple avenues can help increase your chances of success. At AMNY Health Marketing, our team specializes in creating strategies for the healthcare industry. Here, we’ll share some marketing tips on how an organization can use day-in-the-life content to its advantage.

Define Nursing Positions to Highlight

Employee testimonials are key branding strategies that can help combat nursing shortages. Depending on the type of personnel you employ and your facility’s recruitment needs, you may want to highlight several different types of nursing positions or maybe only one single role. Figuring this out is your first step. Now, what about this role is important for people to know? What will prospective employees find interesting about your organization? Here are some suggestions for creating an outline for your day-in-the-life content:

  • Daily job responsibilities for the nursing position
  • New-hire training practices
  • Company culture
  • Professional development opportunities

You may also want to discuss what drew a particular employee to your private practice or health system. This can help humanize your organization and highlight some of the perks of working there. Whether the person truly enjoys your benefits package or they appreciate your leadership and emphasis on work-life balance, these are things that can help your organization stand out from similar job opportunities.

Create Blogs Spotlighting Individual Employees

One easy way to generate day-in-the-life content is to write about it. Based on an interview with one of our current nurses, a blog post can take on a more casual, newspaper tone and incorporate quotes from your conversation. Some of the things you can ask the employees you’ve chosen to highlight include:

  • What does the average workday look like in your role?
  • What was your career path before this job?
  • What drew you to this particular practice?
  • What was your initial training experience like?
  • How does the facility support professional development?
  • What benefits do you enjoy and why?
  • What advice would you give to prospective nurses?

It’s all about asking the right questions. Each of these may seem very general, but every perspective is unique –you may be surprised at what comes out of these interviews and how different each blog post will look when it goes live.  When paired with a high-quality image of the nurse, you can put a face to each story.

Produce Videos that Showcase Your Work Environment

While blog posts are excellent for storytelling, videos can give people a more in-depth look at your facility. And most internet users consume video content daily, making your marketing strategy highly relevant to your audience. Video marketing builds trust, appeals to mobile users, and helps set the tone for your organization. Some things to consider for your employee testimonial video include:

  • Q & A script
  • Setting
  • Music
  • Graphics
  • Actors and narrators

Working with an agency on video content can help you make the most of this opportunity. Today, simple videos can be done quite easily with mobile devices. But professional-quality video content can ensure your efforts hit all the right notes.

Spread the Word on Social Media

Encourage sharing through social media – a driving force in propelling businesses forward. Just like patients often seek provider referrals from their social media circles, so do potential nursing employees. They want to get an inside view of your private practice and find out what it’s really like to work as part of a diverse team of specialists at your hospital. This means that you’ll need to make sure your message resonates on these channels.

While sharing links to the day-in-the-life blogs and videos you’ve published is an excellent way to generate interest and boost engagement online, other things you can do include:

  • Creating attention-grabbing posts that highlight particular nurses
  • Posting employee shout-outs that celebrate accomplishments
  • Sharing your core mission and values with an eye-catching graphic

These and other targeted, digital strategies can help you create a brand presence that truly shows your healthcare organization is one that a nursing recruit would be proud to work for.

Find Ways to Increase Recruitment with AMNY Health Marketing

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