Mental Health Matters – Showcase Approach to Positive Mental Health on the Job

While physicians, nurses, and other medical personnel constantly help others navigate their health, it’s important to recognize they must make space for their own wellness. The COVID-19 pandemic was eye-opening as it shed light on the mental health challenges for medical workers. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 22% of healthcare workers felt moderate anxiety and depression between June and September 2022, and 69% of physicians during the same period.

These numbers indicate how much these workers need the support of their employing clinic with mental health. Considering that work is a significant cause of stress for Americans, prospective employees need to know your facility will make accommodations to help them experience greater mental health despite the often challenging work environment. Discover the benefits of offering these services to medical workers and ways you can leverage marketing capabilities to convey this message to recruits.

Why Mental Health Matters in the Healthcare Sector

By focusing on the mental health of your employees, you not only empower them to experience greater well-being — it can be advantageous for the facility as a whole. The following are three reasons to incorporate mental health into the employee benefits package:

Augments Employee Wellness

Poor mental health has consequences that go beyond affecting the mind and emotions. People with depression may develop physical symptoms that impact other aspects of health, from the heart and immune system to sleep patterns and libido.

While no business wants their employees to suffer mental health struggles, the issue is particularly sensitive in healthcare. When providers display physical signs of anxiety or depression, their patients may be less inclined to respond to their suggestions. Conversely, making mental health assistance readily available for employees can lower their healthcare costs and ensure they better maintain their mental and physical well-being.

Reduces Burnout

Burnout is common across many industries — it occurs when an employee is so stressed that they feel immense physical and emotional fatigue, which can lower their sense of self-worth and accomplishment. From the employer’s perspective, it’s a leading cause of absenteeism and burnout.

Since healthcare workers may have longer, irregular shifts and more exposure to disease and suffering than the average person, burnout is especially concerning in this sector. The same study from the CDC mentioned above found that 79% of physicians cited feeling burnout even before the pandemic.

Since much of burnout is tied to mental and emotional health, offering mental health services can mitigate its effects. This step can not only tackle burnout but also boost employee retention and facilitate a positive workplace culture.

Enhances Productivity

When employees are not mentally well, morale is sure to drop. Without the proper motivation, the quality of their work will suffer, and the facility may become less productive. When workers have the resources necessary to handle their stress, burnout, and other mental health concerns, they are in a better place to bring their best to their jobs. Ultimately, your staff can work more effectively to increase productivity, which can help your facility reach objectives.

How to Implement Mental Health Benefits for Employees

We see why mental health benefits matter for healthcare workers, but how can your hospital or practice turn this idea into tangible services? One approach is to set up an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). EAPs provide workers with counseling help when they go through various problems, whether they are work-related, financial, family, or other concerns. Other approaches to promoting mental health for employees include:

  • Covering therapy services under offered health insurance plans
  • Providing periodic training sessions for handling stress
  • Having regular check-ins with team members
  • Administering realistic workloads
  • Allowing employees to take mental health days or design flexible schedules
  • Designating a department for employees to report discrimination or harassment
  • Offering childcare services
  • Fostering a culture that values their employees

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