2024 Healthcare Marketing Trends

The world of medicine is no stranger to progress. Advances in research and technology, as well as treatment options, push the healthcare industry forward. In addition, marketing trends continue to evolve. Healthcare marketers are thinking of new and exciting ways to deliver informative and engaging content.

AMNY Health Marketing is well-versed in the most recent and effective healthcare marketing trends and uses this knowledge to deliver high-quality content. Here, we explore the latest trends and insights in healthcare marketing.

Applying a Personal Touch

Engaging your audience and making genuine connections is an effective marketing strategy for any industry. Marketing efforts that employ a personal touch provide a more favorable and enjoyable experience for users. Because medical services online generally take a very clinical approach, applying a personal touch can be tricky.

When engaging with your audience, consider using more personalized messaging. This helps the content resonate more with the target audience. Additionally, create more user-friendly interfaces that your audience can engage with. Doing so improves their overall experience and increases the likelihood of target audience members becoming new patients.

The Power of Social Media Continues

Social media continues to be an effective marketing tool in the healthcare industry. More and more patients allow social media to influence their choices when it comes to medical attention. In one study, 57% of consumers said that a hospital’s social media presence would strongly influence their choice regarding where to go for services.

Furthermore, social media is an effective way for institutions to inform potential patients of their offerings. Many consumers have admitted that they believe a strong social media presence is an indication that a hospital offers cutting-edge technologies.

Medical practices can improve their social media influence with the following techniques:

  • Answer frequently asked questions with user-generated content
  • Collaborate with trusted and qualified medical experts on social media platforms to generate a discussion surrounding an important medical topic
  • Utilize a variety of social media platforms to create a network that allows patients to feel part of your practice and connected to you

Using social media correctly helps medical practices to convert their audience into new patients more effectively.

Telehealth is Here to Stay

The height of the COVID-19 pandemic created the need for medical attention from a safe distance. Telehealth provided patients who preferred at-home consultations with an avenue for seeking medical advice and support. This revelation has created the need for effective telehealth.

That trend looks to continue in 2024 as many patients still prefer telehealth as opposed to in-person medical visits. Healthcare providers should focus on this component of their services so that they can improve upon the patient’s satisfaction. Therefore, telehealth marketing is one of the best technologies to invest in if you’re a healthcare marketer.

Engaging Content Is Still King

Healthcare content must be two things— factual and engaging. Regardless of how renowned your offerings are, how they are presented matters. 38% of people have said that they will stop exploring a website if the layout is unattractive or the content isn’t engaging.

Visitors leaving your website makes it difficult to convert into new patients. Therefore, healthcare practices should continue to look at their websites and digital channels in 2024.

Maintaining the accuracy of your content, as well as a strong content strategy is critical to ensuring your website is appealing and engages your audience. Effective strategies to consider incorporating include:

  • Case studies: Highlight success stories of past patients to provide your audience with a better understanding of the services you offer.
  • Webinars: Conduct live webinars about relevant health topics that encourage participation from audience members.
  • Viral health challenges: Engage audiences by marketing health or fitness challenges to encourage healthy habits.
  • E-books or guides: Outline medical services and treatments in an engaging and detailed manner.

Voice Searches Are Becoming More Popular

Technology has made it easier than ever to search for important information. Users no longer have to type a question into a search engine to receive an answer. Voice search features are becoming embedded in our everyday lives. 58% of people aged 25-40 prefer using the voice search feature on search engines.

Tailoring content to accommodate voice search is a rising trend in healthcare marketing. This can be accomplished by researching keywords for voice search, such as question keywords and conversational keywords. Healthcare marketers should also look to identify potential opportunities to optimize existing content for voice search.

Stay On Top of the Latest Trends With AMNY Health Marketing

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