Targeting Gen Z

Members of the Gen Z demographic are changing the way industries think, operate, and advance. They make up 27% of the United States population — about 72 million people. What’s more, Gen Z and millennials make up more than half of the U.S. population. With such influence across all socioeconomic groups, healthcare systems must adapt their strategies and learn how to communicate, attract and care for Gen Zers.

At AMNY Health Marketing, our team specializes in helping hospitals, health systems, and private practices cater to the Gen Z population and retain their services. Here, we discuss how to reach Gen Z consumers and what they desire from healthcare.

H2: Where to Begin?

Generation Z is the first generational group born into a world where the Internet and smart devices were ubiquitous. They spend more time online than any other group and expect instant online access and ease of use. As a result, they often want their healthcare experiences to maintain the ease of other digitized services.

Attempting to reach Gen Zers through traditional healthcare marketing can work, but will likely not be as effective as online means. The Gen Z population spends as much time on their phones as older generations do watching television, which means they aren’t bound by time or location. Because of this, mobile access is the key to Gen Z marketing and advertising.

More so, Gen Z tends to have very low patience for wordy advertisements or lengthy commercial interruptions. Since streaming sites and similar services allow them to watch whatever they want whenever they want, they require information to be presented precisely and effectively.

H2: Understanding What Gen Zers Want

Being raised on mobile technology, Gen Zer demand transactions that require minimal human interaction, and this shows in their healthcare preferences. Instead of opting for traditional care, they are more likely to research their symptoms online and use walk-in clinics, telehealth appointments, or opt for the convenience of urgent care when necessary.

At the same time, personal connection is also critical for Gen Zers. Many in this group prefer mobile-friendly apps or websites that allow them to interact with their providers directly and on a more personal level.

Unlike older generations, Gen Z does not feel the need to be loyal to one physician or healthcare facility. They often make health decisions based on convenience, price, and speed of services. This can make healthcare marketing challenging, but not impossible. Avenues to achieve Gen Z healthcare marketing success include:

H3: Trust

While convenience plays a key role for Gen Zers and the healthcare services they choose, they still want a trusted provider and a brand they can believe in. For healthcare institutions, authenticity is essential for gaining the trust of the Gen Z population and therefore vital to healthcare marketing. Gain the trust of Gen Zers by accurately demonstrating what you stand for and your reasons for doing what you do.

H3: Customization

Meaningful connections, which Gen Zers crave, can be created by tailoring advertising messages to meet their specific needs. To better attract the Gen Z population, healthcare facilities should create customized content for each of their marketing channels.

H3: Accessibility

For Gen Zers, how accessible a healthcare provider is can often determine whether or not they use their services or look elsewhere. As a healthcare institution, you should be looking to improve your accessibility, allowing patients to speak with credited medical professionals either through text or social media. Doing so can help build stronger relationships between providers and younger, Gen Z patients.

H2: Generational Marketing Strategies with AMNY Health Marketing

As Generation Z continues to age, its influence over industries will likely grow, as well. Because of this, healthcare providers should look to shift their efforts to better learn and understand this group of people to help strengthen their marketing efforts.

AMNY Health Marketing can help in this regard, providing insight as to what Gen Zers and other generations want most through their blog. With this information, we can help your institution create effective marketing strategies to reach your desired target audience. Contact us today to learn more about our marketing efforts and the ways we can help you achieve marketing success.