How Higher Education Institutions Can Use B2B Data to Increase Enrollment

With enrollment time inching closer, educational instructions will turn their efforts to draw the attention of students to increase their enrollment rate. With institutions in different areas working toward similar goals and competing over the same pool of prospective students, it can be difficult for some to gain a competitive edge.

To compete, institutions are turning to education marketing strategies. Institutions that successfully harness the power of B2B data may hold the key to unlocking new doors to the target market and enhancing their enrollment. To help your higher education institution boost engagement and enrollment numbers, AMNY Education Marketing explains the importance of utilizing B2B data in crafting effective messaging.

More Advanced Targeting

One of the great benefits of B2B data is it allows you to use job titles to aim content at prospective students. This ability can significantly enhance more targeting opportunities, especially for grad schools and various training programs. This advantage is well demonstrated by educational institutions offering in-demand training programs.

When it comes to digital content, targeting by job title can also open new possibilities for personalization at colleges and universities. When you segment by job title, the ads you create can speak to the specific conditions unique to certain positions students may seek upon graduation. This can show possible students how your institution provides them with the skills they need to pursue this career path.

Better Utilization of Email

As it stands, email is already a useful tool that colleges and universities rely on for various messaging needs. Sending authentic emails is a cost-effective and proven method to spark the curiosity of prospective students. While opting for an email marketing campaign is an effective strategy, the lists used are what make all the difference.

If your institution uses B2C email addresses to target prospective students, chances are your emails are getting lost in the shuffle. Other universities and colleges — not to mention organizations and brands — are doing the same thing, leading to heightened competition. Instead, you can elect to target B2B email addresses. By doing so, your emails will compete with significantly fewer additional offers.

Another reason why this method is so effective is that workers generally spend a lot of time looking at their emails. Furthermore, prospective students who are at work are generally in the mindset of advancing their career development. These reasons make B2B targeting a natural fit for higher education.

Improve Organic Traffic through Better Optimization

In today’s digital world, just having a functional website is not enough for colleges and universities to entice enrollment. These institutions need a more strategic approach to draw the attention of visitors and successfully convert them into enrolled students. Because so many individuals already use a search engine to locate information on a site, you may consider augmenting your SEO content marketing strategy to maximize the value of your site.

One of the best marketing capabilities for accomplishing this objective is creating and maintaining a blog. With enrollment in mind, colleges and universities can write posts to attain and retain the attention of prospective students. A blog is also a way for higher education institutions to produce high-quality and impressive content. With a steady flow of reliable content, you can capture the attention of potential students, possibly boosting your enrollment rate.

Seek Guidance from AMNY Education Marketing

Increased competition has forced higher learning institutions to completely re-evaluate their recruiting strategies. Working with an education marketing specialist can expose your higher education institution to the benefits of B2B data. This information can be especially crucial during enrollment season.

At AMNY Education Marketing, our team develops and creates strategic solutions to aid learning institutions in building brand awareness, enticing prospective students, and converting them into enrolled members of the college or university. More so, we help promote your institution, highlighting its resources and expertise through top-quality content. For more information regarding the value of B2B data and how our services can help you improve enrollment for the upcoming season, contact us today at AMNY Education Marketing.