Ways Your Airport Can Make the Most Out of the Holidays

The holidays are a special time for people to get together and make memories. For airports, this means they’ll experience an increase in travel. But this doesn’t mean airport companies have to be overwhelmed with flights and scheduling changes. There are many ways airports can use their content strategy to create an easy, smooth flying experience for travelers. Advance Aviation highlights the best methods for airports to use their website content capabilities and social media to their advantage this holiday season.

Make Travel Information Accessible to Customers

In a world where technology is accessible to most, utilizing it can create marketing success for airports. For example, facilities can make online check-in and information apparent and easy for travelers to access. Airports can do this by providing a link to the online check-in website or app right on their website landing pages. Facilities should also include information regarding best traveling practices, a guide on how to check in and get to their gate efficiently, prohibited items, rules and restrictions, and other helpful steps.

Sending emails to travelers with upcoming flights once their departure date approaches can also make this information easier for passengers to find. Doing so can not only enhance the customer experience, but it can make travel easier and faster for both customers and employees. In turn, this creates less hassle during the busy holiday season.

If your airport has an app for passengers, this can be a great space to provide further information about mobile airline passes. In addition, apps can send notifications to the traveler’s cell phone, making the boarding process much smoother. It can also be beneficial to add content to your website about helpful information once passengers reach their destination. This can include the surrounding hotels, cab companies, public transportation, or nearby car rental services.

Highlight Holiday Travel Deals

While travelers are bound to take airline travel for the holidays, airports should consider partnering with airline companies to showcase holiday travel deals. Partnering with airlines can be incredibly beneficial for customers, as they can easily view and access the best deals and flights for their trips. In turn, this can make your airport and website a reliable source of information for travelers. They can continue to refer to your website, which may potentially increase the chances that they book a flight from your airport.

Working with airline companies can also make it easier for travelers to book connecting flights at other airports. For example, there may be a connecting flight using a different airline company that can better accommodate the traveler’s needs. This makes it even more convenient for passengers to book a flight through your airport. In addition, it can open up further travel opportunities for both your airport and travelers.

Connecting with airlines can also make traveling easier for passengers because they won’t have to worry about luggage transfers – the other airports and airline companies can handle it all for them.

Keep Travelers Informed on Flight Changes

With snowy weather rolling around for some parts of the country, travelers will inevitably experience changes in their flight schedule, like canceled or delayed flights. As an airport company, keeping customers updated on these changes is essential for maintaining a positive customer experience, as well as ensuring travel runs smoothly.

If your airport utilizes an app, having a section that consistently updates flight schedules and patterns can help prepare travelers for delayed or canceled flights. If you don’t have an app, it can be beneficial to direct passengers to other apps that can track these changes. You can do this by sending an email to travelers or highlighting them in your website content.

Social media outlets like Twitter can also be a great tool for informing passengers of flight changes. This allows information to be quick and accessible to travelers without expending resources to create a whole Facebook, Instagram, or blog post. Make sure that your Twitter account is apparent and readily available for passengers by sharing the username or link to an email or on your website.

Let Advance Aviation Help You Create the Right Content

When it comes to airline travel during the holidays, airport companies want to ensure they are prepared and ready for anything that comes their way. Using your content strategy to create clear, concise travel information can not only decrease heavy airport traffic and lines but also makes travel stress-free for both passengers and employees. To learn more about creating the right content for your airport this holiday season, contact us at Advance Aviation today.