How Flying from Smaller Airports Can Protect You from the Delta Strain and Other COVID-19 Variants

The COVID-19 virus and its highly contagious strains, like the Delta variant, have wreaked havoc on the travel industry, especially enplanements. At Advance Aviation, Advance Media New York’s airport marketing agency in Syracuse, NY, we believe that flying from a smaller local airport can help to keep you more protected from the latest COVID-19 variants – here’s why.

Fewer Crowds in the Airport

The biggest reason why flying at local small or mid-size airports protects you against variants like the Delta variant is because of the reduced number of people and crowds. Crowds at local airports are usually much smaller than those at airports in major cities. This automatically helps you stay safer in a variety of ways, including:

  • Social distancing is easier and you don’t have to be as close to other passengers as you would in a crowded hub.
  • Shorter lines with fewer people mean less close contact with others.
  • You can avoid traveling to large, crowded cities with more people and COVID-19 cases.

Keeping your distance from other passengers is much easier when there are fewer of them, and this will keep you safer from highly contagious variants that can spread even through vaccinated people.

Less Time Spent in the Airport

Traveling by plane often means spending long periods in security lines, terminals, and gates with closely packed people and highly touched surfaces. Having fewer people at smaller airports saves you time so you can reduce the amount of time spent in the airport. Normally, TSA recommends that passengers arrive two hours early before departing at a major airport. At smaller local airports, you don’t need to arrive excessively early because of the lower crowds and shorter lines.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that if you must fly, you should aim to book flights with the fewest stops and shortest time to reduce your exposure to possible COVID-19 germs. Booking your next vacation at a small or mid-size airport can help you to do so because they often offer different flights than larger hubs and you will not have to travel via another mode of transportation to a major city with a large airport. In addition to saving you time at the airport, flying from a local airport can also save you money on travel costs, gas money, taxi services, and more.

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