Finding Your Target Audience

While many factors play a role in the marketing success of your healthcare facility, perhaps none are more important than correctly identifying your target audience. Because business-to-business (B2B) healthcare target audiences can include various healthcare professionals, such as surgeons, general physicians, nurses, and pharmaceutical researchers, it’s imperative to be specific, accurate, and relevant.

AMNY Health Marketing specializes in providing effective market strategies to a wide range of healthcare clients nationwide. When developing an effective marketing strategy, our team utilizes proven techniques, including pinning down your client’s target audience. Here, we discuss how your organization can find its B2B target audience.

Tips on Identifying Your B2B Medical Target Audience

Not knowing who your target audience is can significantly hinder your organization’s marketing capabilities, making it difficult to grow in the healthcare industry. Medical institutions can find their target audience following these guidelines:

Think About a Data Strategy

According to a recent study conducted by the Harvard Business Review, 74% of companies with advanced data strategies have a better market position than their competitors. This is mainly because data strategies are a key component in identifying the habits and preferences of customers. Electing to incorporate a stellar data strategy allows you to build a detailed Ideal Customer Persona (ICP), or the profile of the types of people that most benefit from your products and services.

Define Your Target Audience

Using specific attributes, you can better define your B2B healthcare target audience. Depending on your business, these attributes can either be technographic, demographic, psychographic, or firmographic in nature. The more specific you are in defining your ideal audience, the higher your chances are of finding them.

Categorize Your Target Audience

To better understand how you can serve your target audience, segment them based on commonalities. Select common aspects of your target audience, including factors such as professional specialization, demographic traits, experience, and psychographic differentiators.

Measure Your Success

With every market segment, you need to have a plan of action. This plan should involve the behavior that can help you capitalize on your strategy. This part of the process may require using tracking tools to measure your efforts.

Develop a Contact Plan

Before setting out to target your audience, you must first create and build a strategic contact plan. This contact plan should include a detailed outline of how to target your customers. Social media and other forms of creative content are ideal for resonating with your audience. Whichever you decide, you’ll be able to measure the response of prospects with a sold strategic contact plan in place.

Refer to Your Competitors

When looking for the best ways to identify your target audience, consider how your competitors connect with people. Studying how your competitors use their resources to attract their audiences will give you a clearer indication of what strategies work and areas where you can improve your efforts.

Experiment with Different Techniques

To maximize your brand’s impact and the effectiveness of your targeting strategy, you should apply various targeting techniques. Different methods include:

  • Contextual: Offering messages that have to do with a specific topic search
  • Behavioral: Providing content to anyone who has shown an interest in your product or services
  • List matching or authentication: Securing a target e-mail list from a third-party data vendor
  • Profile or registration: Connecting with those who have signed up and shared their information with you
  • Retargeting: Continue targeting after the first attempt of contact with prospects

Optimize Your Marketing Strategy with Help from AMNY Health Marketing

Identifying your target audience provides your healthcare organization with a clear focus on who you wish to serve and their specific needs. This crucial information will allow you to tailor your marketing efforts, often increasing their effectiveness.

Serving hospitals, private practices, and senior and home health centers nationwide, AMNY Health Marketing can help your business successfully identify your target audience. We employ proven techniques, creating the most effective strategies. For more information about our strategic services, contact us today at AMNY Health Marketing.