Why You Need a Robust Patient Acquisition Strategy

Today’s patients know what they want – and they know how to find it. Most people conduct online research to learn more about the providers and treatments available in their communities. And the wealth of online information available gives patients plenty of choices. How does your healthcare organization stand out among the others?

AMNY Health Marketing is focused on helping healthcare providers recruit new patients, retain the ones they have, and increase referrals. Here, we’ll provide some insights into patient acquisition marketing capabilities and why they’re crucial to the success of your organization.

Patient Acquisition vs. Retention: What’s the Difference?

For many healthcare organizations, cultivating their current patient base is a primary focus. This makes perfect sense – your loyal patients are a source of consistent revenue. But what about acquiring new patients? Your current patients may refer friends and family from time to time, but relying solely on your base for growth isn’t sustainable. A healthy marketing strategy also includes outreach efforts.

Patient acquisition marketing is focused on driving new patients to your facility for service, while patient retention focuses on satisfying your current patients to ensure they stick with your medical practice long-term.

Each new patient is a chance to build another long-lasting relationship, boost revenue, and gain additional referrals. In other words: new patients are highly essential to the longevity of your organization. What’s more, it’s easier to fill your schedule when you have a growing collection of patients to source from rather than the same familiar group.

What Patients Look for In Providers

Not all hospitals, private practices, and home health agencies are the same – what makes yours stand out over the competition? Let’s consider what the average person may research about any one facility on the Internet. When patients are looking for new places to receive healthcare, they typically examine several aspects. Aside from finding a provider that offers the specific services they need and accepts their healthcare insurance, they also often explore the following:

  • Reputation: Patients read online reviews and discuss facilities with friends and family to get a sense of the organization’s reputation.
  • Technology: Whether your facility is equipped with industry-leading technology is a point of interest for many patients – particularly those with challenging health conditions.
  • Telehealth: Virtually enabled care is valued by patients, making digital options a focus for many people.
  • Convenience: From online paperwork to streamlined billing practices, convenience enhances the overall patient experience.

Healthcare organizations not only need to communicate their expertise well, but they also need to consider the pain points and perceptions of today’s patients to ensure their message resonates well.

Patient Acquisition Strategy

So, how can you attract more patients to your private practice or healthcare system? Craft a well-designed patient acquisition marketing strategy. This plan may involve several components, such as:

  • Increasing your website’s SEO value: Aim to position your organization’s website higher in search engine results pages for queries relevant to your services.
  • Taking advantage of social media: Maintaining a consistent social media presence boosts visibility and credibility.
  • Absorbing patient feedback: Positive online feedback and reviews can go a long way in attracting potential patients, while negative feedback can serve as an opportunity to address common issues professionally.
  • Using digital marketing tools: Online ads, videos, healthcare blogs, emails, and other tactics expand your organization’s reach and ability to make valuable new connections.

Creating a Ripple Effect

Today’s patients have a variety of options when it comes to receiving care, making the healthcare marketplace a highly competitive one. To consistently acquire patients, your organization’s plan must take a focused, well-rounded approach. Paired with the ideal patient retention strategy, these efforts can boost your chances of turning a high percentage of the new patients you’ve acquired into repeat customers – and these customers may feel inspired to become brand ambassadors who refer friends and family members to your practice or facility.

Make AMNY Health Marketing part of your organization’s success story. We can craft a personalized marketing plan that increases leads, maximizes your organization’s visibility, and utilizes different channels to communicate your services in ways that resonate with new patients across your community. For more information about creating a robust patient acquisition strategy, contact us today.