Top Methods For Recruiting Nursing Students

How to Best Recruit Nursing Students

Like some diseases, nursing shortages have become an epidemic nationwide. Between older nurses retiring and increasing demands from patients, hospitals and other healthcare organizations are looking for new ways to recruit nurses and enhance their services. An ideal group to attract is nursing students, as they have extensive knowledge about the field and the passion necessary to leave a positive impact at your facility. Learn marketing tips for reaching and recruiting nursing students from Advance Media New York.

Customize Messaging Through Multiple Media Outlets

Nursing students differ in age, geographical location, specialty, and even educational status, and your recruitment messaging should reflect this diversity. Utilizing print and digital marketing channels can help you create content that resonates with potential hires individually.

For instance, you may advertise entry-level positions on a university website career page to engage with nursing students at a particular college, but send an email to nursing students with more experience about advanced jobs.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Although nursing students come from various backgrounds, most future nurses will come from Generation Z. These students grew up using the internet, and navigating applications and websites is second nature. Therefore, it is crucial to focus recruitment efforts on social media, where the largest group of prospective hires operates.

To keep your marketing relevant, ensure you put hiring content on the right platforms. For example, the Gen-Z population tends to favor Snapchat and Instagram over older sites like Facebook.

Utilize Video Content

While written material and still images are highly effective for healthcare marketing, neither speak to audiences in quite the way videos do. Videos enable you to tell a story about your hospital and can give potential recruits a taste of its employee culture. You could also use videos to share testimonials from nursing students who work at your organization, as these stories enhance your reputation with audiences.

Form Relationships with Nursing Students

In any industry, fostering relationships builds trust with potential hires. One of the best strategies for creating relationships with nursing students is attending career fairs and conferences at local universities and nursing associations.

Going to these events allows you to interact with possible recruits in person, answering their questions and asking them about their career aspirations. When these nursing students start applying for jobs, they may reach out to the representative they meet to inquire about positions.

Provide Opportunities for Hands-On Learning

Another way to nurture relationships with nursing students is by offering internships and practical courses for college credit while they are still in school. These opportunities give students insight into working at your hospital and allow them to meet other employees, increasing the chances they will apply for a job after graduation.

Highlight the Unique Benefits of Your Organization

In today’s world, adequate pay and benefits are not enough to win over prospective hires. Nursing students want to know that the hospital values their needs and will give them resources to provide sufficient care for patients. Additionally, how technologically advanced and innovative your facility is will likely be an attractive element for younger students. Focus on the advantages that matter most to each type of nursing student to ensure your messaging truly makes an impression.

Receive Marketing Assistance From Advance Media New York

If you want to reach nursing students and increase recruitment at your hospital, turn to Advance Media New York for healthcare marketing solutions. We can craft a story that spotlights your business and culture and increases the visibility of open positions to engage qualified nursing students looking for work. Contact us today to learn more about marketing services for healthcare businesses.