Back to Basics: The Foundation of Healthcare Marketing

By: Taylour Leone

In today’s healthcare field, finding the perfect fit for your team can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Competition for skilled professionals is fierce, making it crucial to stand out and attract the best talent. The good news? There are strategies healthcare organizations can use to streamline recruitment and connect with those ideal candidates.

Imagine this: a qualified nurse in a specific region sees your job posting on a familiar website. They’re intrigued! This is because your organization used geo-targeting tools, ensuring your ad reached the right location.

Now, picture this same nurse browsing the internet while waiting for their flight. Suddenly, they see your hospital’s open position displayed on a digital billboard. Intrigued again! This is the power of digital out-of-home advertising – reaching potential candidates in unexpected yet high-traffic areas.

Finally, to cast a wider net, your organization utilizes job scraping technology. This means your open positions are automatically listed on popular job platforms, maximizing your reach and ensuring qualified candidates, like our curious nurse, won’t miss their perfect opportunity.

By implementing these strategies, you can transform your recruitment efforts. No more feeling lost in a crowded field. Instead, you’ll be actively engaging with the best talent, making your healthcare organization a magnet for the perfect fit.

Healthcare recruitment is evolving, and so should your strategy. With Advance Media New York’s array of digital marketing tools, healthcare organizations can elevate their recruitment efforts and connect with top talent more effectively than ever before. Let us be your partner in this journey, guiding you towards a brighter future where staffing needs are met with confidence and efficiency. Together, let’s solve your healthcare recruitment woes and pave the way for a stronger, more resilient workforce.

Taylour Leone is a Senior Healthcare Account Executive at Advance Media New York specializing in developing healthcare recruitment strategies for healthcare clients of all sizes.  Find out how she can help your organization find and retain qualified healthcare talent at