Using Technology to Improve Patient Experience

The impact technology has made can be seen across all industries. Perhaps the most notable developments have been in response COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations have been forced to pivot their way of thinking, including healthcare facilities.

The various professionals involved in healthcare continuously look for ways to improve processes to respond to crises like the pandemic and with day-to-day patient care. Technology not only can facilitate higher-quality patient care but may also provide solutions to the rising health costs affecting patients worldwide. Here, AMNY Health Marketing, a strategic firm with a wide range of marketing capabilities, explores the ways technology is making its imprint on the healthcare industry.

Minimizing Medical Errors

Errors in any industry can be costly but are particularly costly in healthcare. Medical errors are categorized as missteps causing care teams to fail to achieve the intended outcome. Even the most qualified healthcare professionals make errors from time to time. Technology can help reduce these mistakes, elevating the type of care a patient receives with tools like medical alerts, clinical flags, medication reminders, and similar solutions.

Enhancing Communication Between Patients and Physicians

Patients with certain medical conditions may need to get in contact with their physician urgently if symptoms pose an immediate threat. Technology helps by improving lines of communication between patients and physicians. This is most notably seen with patient portals, a resource that allows patients to check their medical records, contact their doctors, and book appointments digitally.

Patients who utilize patient portals are more actively engaged with their treatment, which can determine the treatment plan’s success. The more engaged a patient is, the more likely they will receive the quality care they need to properly manage their symptoms.

Encouraging Collaboration Among Physicians

The saying two minds are better than one can be applied to patient care. Technology provides effective solutions and enables physicians to work together. One example would be virtual conferences for physicians established at the same facility but located in different parts of the world.

Providing Access to Virtual Care

One way the recent global pandemic has changed the healthcare landscape is the growing popularity of virtual care. That shift would not have been possible without technology and telehealth apps. Today, patients can receive quality medical care from the comfort of their homes.

Augmenting Drug Safety

Physicians are responsible for ensuring patients receive the correct drug and dosage and verifying that medications won’t negatively interact with other prescriptions. Electronic systems, such as cloud-based solutions, can help eliminate these threats, enhancing the safety of prescribing medicines, and ultimately improving patient care.

Patient information stored in cloud-based solutions is readily accessible for prescribers, helping them make informed decisions on which medications offer the best course of action. More so, it reduces the risk of miscommunication between prescribers, pharmacies, and patients.

Assisting with Remote Patient Monitoring

In many cases, a patient’s recovery does not end when they exit a healthcare facility, making at-home monitoring essential. When patients contribute to patient data management systems (PDMS), healthcare providers remotely monitor a patient’s condition and interpret the data they gather. This information helps establish the correct medical approach needed for treatment. This capability can be especially beneficial for patients suffering from chronic illnesses, such as heart failure, stroke, COPD, asthma, and hypertension.

The Future of Technology in the Healthcare Industry

There is no denying the difference technology has made in the healthcare industry. As technology advances, this impact will only continue to multiply as medical professionals can use this new tech to improve the quality of care they deliver to their patients.

Demonstrate to your patients the emphasis you place on patient care with help from AMNY Health Marketing. Our team of experts can help your organization achieve marketing success by creating a strategy showcasing that your facility recognizes the important role technology plays in improving patient care and your efforts to maximize its potential. For more information about our health marketing services, contact us today at AMNY Health Marketing.