Uses for Video in Healthcare Marketing

Videos can be an interactive way to promote your healthcare facility and engage with patients in the community. However, hospitals, clinics, and other settings must understand how to implement these videos to reach their desired audience best. AMNY Health Marketing has the capability to deliver expertise on the best ways to use videos to promote your healthcare business. Here, we provide insight into how to use video for healthcare marketing.

Create Relationships with Patients

Receiving healthcare can be anxiety-inducing for some patients. That is one of many reasons why some try to avoid it. One way healthcare centers can ease these anxieties is through transparency and honesty.  Making videos showing off your facility, team, and other aspects can allow patients to recognize and become familiar with your space.

Videos that tour your facility can familiarize patients with the layout, making them feel more comfortable receiving care at your healthcare center. In addition, you can make “Meet the Team” videos, where each healthcare team member records a small video introducing themselves and telling patients a bit about them. Not only can this relieve patient anxieties, but it can also highlight some of the most important workers in your facility. That gives them the recognition they deserve and begins the process of creating a relationship between your healthcare workers and the community they serve.

Provide Accessible Medical Information

It can be beneficial to create videos that provide accessible medical information to promote your healthcare facility and reach a wider audience. These can include anything from proper hand-washing techniques to surgical processes. Videos can also feature exciting animations and graphics to capture the patient’s attention, or they can be more formal, informational talking videos from a member of your team. Other ideas for videos with helpful medical information include:

  • Talk about a procedure or service
  • Highlight pre-and post-operative care instructions
  • Demonstrate physical therapy techniques
  • Showcase beneficial exercises
  • Proper practices for managing blood pressure
  • “Doc Talk”-type series where medical professionals answer patient questions

Having accessible medical information available to the community is essential for boosting patient engagement and improving the health of those you serve. It creates a safe, reliable outlet for patients to gather medical information, allowing them to see you as a resource for health. Additionally, well-informed patients are more likely to seek preventative healthcare, stick to treatments, and make the most of their healthcare.

Recruit Healthcare Workers

With constant fluctuations in the employment rate of healthcare workers across the U.S., healthcare companies must focus their recruitment efforts on accessibility. Creating videos and sharing them on social media can be a great way to recruit healthcare workers to apply to your facility. Videos can show off your team, facility, and company culture, which can help persuade medical professionals to apply to your healthcare center.

Posting videos catering to your current employees can also help with new employee recruitment efforts. For example, creating videos about safety training, lectures, or orientations can show prospective employees the kinds of healthcare work you do at your facility, what it’s like to work there, and how employees interact as a team. That can work to showcase your work environment, allowing you to highlight the ways it can fit future employees and their needs.

Showcase Events and Other Accomplishments

The best way to get your name out there and offer something beneficial to the community is by participating in community projects, throwing community events, and others. You can promote these events and showcase volunteering opportunities through videos on social media. Throwing an event and highlighting them through video can also create awareness for certain medical conditions. That can provide a means for patients to become more well-informed in healthcare, and you can start successfully crafting meaningful relationships with patients in the community.

Build Your Brand and Increase Awareness with AMNY Health Marketing

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