Factoring Diversity Into Healthcare Hiring Practices

Remaining Mindful of Diversity in Your Healthcare Recruitment Efforts

A combination of globalization, rising immigration, and the recognition of inequalities affecting minority groups have created a push for greater diversity in all industries. A diverse staff is vital in the healthcare sector because it enables hospitals and practices to reach new patients, boost employee retention, and promote an innovative spirit with staff members from multiple backgrounds. To ensure your clinic has more success with diversity in recruitment, Advance Media New York discusses aspects to consider with the process.

Analyzing Implicit Biases

For real change to occur, healthcare organizations need to discuss diversity. However, the topic can be challenging to deliberate, as it often makes employees uncomfortable. Having frequent meetings between recruiters, leaders, and healthcare professionals about inclusion efforts can alleviate this awkwardness and make it easier for people to be honest about diversity.

These meetings are also ideal for exploring implicit — or unconscious — biases. An implicit bias leads people to favor one job candidate over another because of their race, ethnicity, gender, or similar feature without being deliberate with the prejudice. Coming to terms with personal bias is a sobering experience, but having meetings, where recruiters can be vulnerable about discrimination, equips them to recognize these behaviors and change in the future.

Being Intentional with Job Descriptions

A job description on an online job board is often the first impression a potential hire has of your organization. Therefore, these postings should detail company culture with duties and required skills. Be aware of certain words that may offend recruits, as well. For instance, saying your hospital wants qualified candidates in a description specifically targeted at underrepresented workers may suggest you believe most people in this group are not qualified.

Tailoring Messaging

Many factors matter to employees regardless of their demographics, such as pay and benefits, while other aspects mean more to hires from underrepresented backgrounds. For instance, people with disabilities may want to know your hospital or practice has workplace accommodations that meet their needs. Understanding the unique issues that different minority groups care about, and implementing them into your messaging, conveys that your organization values diversity.

Similarly, avoid using the same messaging for all recruits. This practice may save money temporarily but can be detrimental to diversity and inclusion in the long run. Once you know the factors most important to the different demographic groups, mention these ideas in customized messaging for each segment.

Choosing the Proper Imaging

People who value diversity are typically unsatisfied with an organization’s claims alone. They want actions that support those words. Saying you embrace inclusion and equity but neglecting to show that in healthcare marketing materials makes your practice seem inauthentic.

Images are critical for displaying your dedication to diversity. For example, having profiles alongside physician biographies allows prospective recruits to see the diversity of the existing staff. For hiring campaigns, advertising for minorities should contain images that reflect their demographics. Otherwise, possible hires may question the authenticity of the message and may look elsewhere for a job.

Encouraging Disenfranchised Groups to Pursue Healthcare Careers

Societal injustices or past experiences with prejudice may lead some individuals from underrepresented groups to believe a healthcare career is not possible for them. To increase morale, your hospital or practice can advocate for minorities to enter the medical field.

An effective way to promote these roles is by attending college or community career fairs. Having representatives that interact with potential candidates from various backgrounds at these fairs allows you to share your brand and company culture with people, which can build their confidence to apply for a job at your healthcare organization.

Utilizing Metrics to Gauge Progress

Without benchmarks, it is difficult to know if your clinic is progressing with diversity in hiring. These capabilities indicate what recruitment strategies work best in attracting people from multiple minority groups and expose techniques that require improvement. For example, examining high turnover rates for employees of a specific group can suggest an underlying problem that causes them to leave more quickly than others.

Seek Recruitment Marketing Assistance from Advance Media New York

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