Making an Impact: Healthcare Content that Resonates with Potential Patients

A relevant brand message is integral to the growth of your healthcare organization, but it is virtually ineffective unless communicated through the right content asset. As more patients rely on web content to make healthcare decisions, crafting meaningful content has become increasingly important and challenging. To help you conduct successful healthcare marketing campaigns, AMNY Health Marketing discusses key strategies for matching your message with the ideal content type.

Techniques for Selecting the Right Content Type

All healthcare organizations need healthcare content strategies, whether they serve patients directly or indirectly. When you craft material for your website, consider using the following tactics to ensure your content resonates with patients as intended:

Establish the Message’s Purpose

All content has a message, and every message has a distinct purpose. Four general message types exist that align with various content assets, including:

  • Announcement and news: This content lets patients know about new staff members and locations, milestone achievements, awards, health guideline changes, and other similar messages. Articles, blog posts, emails, press releases, and social media posts are common content types used for news and announcements.
  • Educational: This material features easily accessible information optimized with keywords to attract potential patients to your website. Educational content often revolves around the provider’s top service and gets published in landing pages, blog posts, white papers, eBooks, videos, and similar content types.
  • Events: Fundraisers, staff activities, and community happenings constitute healthcare events. Emails, newsletters, social media posts, and website events pages are the best content assets for this material.
  • Informational: This material is more straightforward than educational content and provides readers with information about doctors or services.Billing and Insurance, About Us, and Contact Us pages are common examples of informational content.

Understand How Your Target Audience Consumes Content

No matter the industry, every business has a target audience. In the healthcare sector, the two primary audiences are physicians and patients. Physicians value solid data and facts over being sold a product, while patients crave coherent, non-technical information that answers their questions about conditions and treatments.

To decide what content your audience likes, research how your competitors interact with them. Your findings will help you create pertinent content that suits their preferences and needs.

Repurpose Existing Content

Instead of creating new content constantly to reach a new audience, consider repurposing content for different mediums. For example, you can condense a comprehensive report into an infographic highlighting the most notable findings for posting on a social media page.

Paid advertising is one of the most effective methods for repurposing content across multiple channels. When you advertise on social platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, you engage with audiences on their preferred site and increase website traffic.

Identify Audience’s Behavior

Consumers’ needs change as they move from the awareness to the conversion stages. To ensure you retain patients from start to finish, consider what content they need at each phase. For instance, blog posts and web pages are beneficial during the awareness stage, while webinars are helpful during the evaluation and conversion periods.

Obtain Marketing Guidance from AMNY Health Marketing

When developing healthcare content for your website, you need a format that matches your message and goal. However, it can be challenging to find the time or resources to draft compelling material for your target audience.

At AMNY Health Marketing, we offer numerous marketing solutions to help healthcare organizations grow their patient base. We use the unique strengths of your hospital or physician’s office and our marketing expertise to help you stand out from competitors when creating web content. Contact us today to learn more about our healthcare marketing services in Upstate New York and beyond.