7 Elements Your Airport’s Landing Page Should Contain When Launching a PPC Campaign

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is one of the most widely used tactics across many industries. This advertising model enables businesses to have their site appear on search engine results pages (SERP) when people type in keywords. The business pays each time an internet user clicks on the link, hence the name.

PPC marketing can be very effective in helping your small to mid-sized airport attain leads. However, these campaigns only bring success if the landing page they direct visitors toward contains all the right pieces. Discover seven components these pages need from Advance Aviation.

1. Relevant Content

When creating the written content, bear your target audience in mind. The page should answer the questions these prospective customers are asking when they type in the keywords. If the landing page has keywords unrelated or only somewhat associated with the topic, you risk disappointing readers and turning away a potential lead.

For a small to mid-sized airport, an example may be writing a piece about food vendors at your facility but using the phrase “holiday travel deals” as a target keyword. While you can integrate those deals into the landing page, prospects may feel led astray when they see the main focus is a different topic.

2. Target Keywords

Of course, a landing page is only valuable if the keywords lead potential customers to it. As stated above, effective keywords should be relevant, but also exhaustive and expansive. Since search terms are constantly changing, your list should grow to include more words and phrases over time. Long-tail keywords are also advantageous because they are more specific and less competitive, enabling you to hone in on your target audience.

3. Compelling Headline

The headline will be the first item that viewers notice when scrolling through SERP. Therefore, it needs to be concise and attention-grabbing. The headline should also be intentional — it should indicate what product or service the landing page highlights.

4. Pertinent Images

Images are just important — if not more so in some cases — at communicating messages to potential customers. Your landing page needs eye-catching visuals connected to the written content. Some of the most impressive landing pages will have a hero shot at the top. This image or video may explain how the product or service works, or simply fit the branding or tone of your website.

5. Call-to-Action that Stands Out

The call-to-action (CTA) is needed for all landing pages to guide prospects further down the sales funnel. The CTA is often a link to the contact page, but if your marketing capabilities allow, it may also be a form fill. This configuration enables you to implement a form on the landing page where prospects can fill out contact information and leave a message with any questions. Even if the initial interaction does not turn into a lead, the CTA offers open communication that can keep people engaged.

6. Social Proof

Social proof serves as evidence to potential customers that other people have used a product or service and found it valuable. Testimonials are a common type of social proof — incorporating them into the landing page can give prospects the assurance they need to opt for your airport to meet their traveling needs.

7. Coherent Layout

The entire landing page must be well-organized to ensure no pieces slip through the cracks. Arrange the content for easy reading, such as using bulleted lists to outline key features and benefits of different services. The landing page should also contain sections that respond to the questions and concerns that led the prospect to type in the keyword.

Gain Assistance Navigating PPC Campaigns with Advance Aviation

If you wish to create the ideal landing page for a PPC campaign but aren’t sure where to begin, consider partnering with a full-service airport marketing partner, Advance Aviation. Our team has extensive knowledge of the airport industry and utilizes a proven digital strategy to help facilities market their services.

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