CNY Healthcare Heroes: Celebrating Our Healthcare Workers Across Central New York

It’s time for another round of gratitude for the doctors, the nurses, the EMTs, the pharmacists and all the essential workers that kept us moving forward.  You are our CNY Healthcare Heroes.

Between now and June 13th, we’re asking the Central New York community to tell your story.  Let us know how a CNY Healthcare Hero made a difference in your life or the life of your family over the past year.  If you’re a healthcare worker yourself, is there a coworker that kept you going, that did something exceptional during these extraordinary times?

Select stories will be featured in a special issue of The Post-Standard on July 11th and on

If you’re a community member who would like to nominate a deserving healthcare worker, please fill out our nomination form below.

If you’re a healthcare worker who would like to nominate a deserving colleague, please fill out the application below.