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We’re pledging up to $1.25 Million
in matching grants

The deadline to apply is July 31, 2020

To Our Central New York Community,

It’s been a hard road for everyone.

The impact of the coronavirus has been painful, confusing at times and challenging for businesses. We are encouraged by your progress, Central New York, and we remain optimistic in our future.

Many businesses need to reconnect with their customers. Importantly, these businesses will have to spend precious resources to tell their customers in detail what has changed and that it is safe to return to business. This is true for car dealers, furniture stores, hospitals and restaurants alike.

Today we pledge $1.25 million in marketing services grants to support the advertising needs of local businesses.

All businesses in need should apply now. You can get started by completing the application below. Grant applications will be accepted through July only.

The application process is streamlined so that it takes only a few minutes. Each application will be screened within two business days of submission. As the economy reopens, these grants will help businesses tell their “new” stories and make their marketing dollars go farther.

The “Back In Business” series has reported accurately and answered questions thoroughly for our community at every step of this historic journey., already the best-read local news site in the United States, reached record-breaking audience numbers in March, April, May and June. Our journalists have worked tirelessly during this time. And, as always, we thank our readers for their support.

It’s time to help local businesses get back on their feet and put people back to work. We know Central New Yorkers are ready to support their favorite businesses. When we are at our best, we make Central New York an even better place. This program will help.

Stay healthy. Thank you for your support.


Tim Kennedy
Advance Media New York

July-October 2020

How we can help

Local businesses apply for a matching marketing grant from a $1.25 million grant pool established by Advance Media NY to help Central New York companies recover from the NY Pause COVID-19 pandemic shut-down, get re-opened and thrive in the new consumer and business environment as we move forward together.

How to apply

To start the application process, fill out the information below. Once submitted, you’ll hear back within 5 business days. A member of our team will connect by email or phone to let you know if your grant was approved and to begin discussions on how to best utilize the matching advertising grant.

Applications will be accepted through July 31, 2020.


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*While we strive to help all; not everyone will be eligible for the grant. Please apply for more information.

We’re here for you!

We’ve been privileged to serve Central New York for over 190 years. When we’re at our best, we help make our community a better place and right now, CNY needs deep support more than ever. Our goal with this local grant program is to help local businesses regain their footing and create economic opportunity as things re-open. That’s why we are pledging up to $1.25 million in matching marketing services grants to support the marketing and advertising needs of our local businesses.