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Providing matching marketing dollars
to help local recruitment efforts.


The deadline to apply is September 30, 2020

To Our Central New York Community,

Last month, the AMNY Cares Matching Grant program approved grant applications for 200 local businesses.  These grants provided marketing support for local businesses – including auto dealers, travel and tourism organizations, manufacturing and so many more.  Each grant offered the opportunity to tell each business’ unique reopening story and to attract customers and clients back through their doors, once again. 

As our community continues to re-open and recover, Advance Media New York is proud to introduce our CNY Back to Work initiative.  Back to Work is an employment resource, aggregating job listings and advice, to help Central New Yorkers get back to work.  Job candidates can visit to learn more. 

Businesses looking to hire can also benefit from the CNY Back to Work initiative.  Similar to the AMNY Cares matching grant program, CNY Back to Work will also incorporate a matching grant opportunity.  Those businesses looking to recruit Central New York talent can apply for matching grant dollars to assist with their marketing efforts further down on this page.   

Grant applications will be accepted now through September 30th.  The application process is streamlined so that it takes only a few minutes. Each application will be screened within two business days of submission.  

Central New Yorkers are resilient, hard working and eager to get back to work.  Advance Media New York hopes the CNY Back to Work initiative provides valuable resources to job seekers while extending needed resources to businesses looking hire qualified local candidates.  When we are at our best, we make Central New York an event better place.  This program will help. 

Stay healthy. Thank you for your support.


Tim Kennedy
Advance Media New York

September-November 2020

How we can help

Local businesses apply for a recruitment focused matching marketing grant from a recruitment specific grant pool established by Advance Media NY to help Central New York companies to find, recruit and retain talent amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

How to apply

To start the application process, fill out the information below. Once submitted, you’ll hear back within 5 business days. A member of our team will connect by email or phone to let you know if your grant was approved and to begin discussions on how best to utilize the matching advertising grant.

Applications will be accepted through September 30, 2020.


*While we strive to help all; not everyone will be eligible for the grant. Please apply for more information.

We’re here for you!

We’ve been privileged to serve Central New York for over 190 years. When we’re at our best, we help make our community a better place and right now, CNY needs deep support more than ever. Our goal with this local grant program is to help local businesses with their recruitment challenges. That’s why we are offering matching recruitment marketing grants to help businesses find, recruit and retain high quality talent in CNY.