Advance Media New York Cares

Advance Media New York (AMNY) Travel & Tourism Matching Grant Program 2023

Providing matching marketing dollars for the New York State travel and tourism industry to help businesses achieve success across New York State.


How The AMNY Travel and Tourism Marketing Grant Program Can Help.

The AMNY Travel and Tourism Marketing Grant Program 2023 matching funds could increase your advertising investment. Our team of marketing experts and creative minds can build a custom plan designed to tell your community’s unique story! We’ll help you reach your best audience and develop strategies to achieve your goals in 2023.

Our Matching Grant Program 2023 provides matching marketing dollars of up to 50% to our NYS Travel and Tourism Partners!

• Receive 25% or up to 50% matching marketing dollars based on monthly spend. Some restrictions apply.

• Must begin in Q1 or Q2 2023 and run for a minimum of 3 months.

We are uniquely powered by our premium publishers’ brands, including providing a highly trafficked travel resource to reach in-market travelers throughout New York State and beyond – in Cleveland, Northern PA, Northern NJ, Western MA, and more.

Craft Your Brand Story

How has your business changed in the last year? Do you have the creative assets to effectively communicate your new direction, offerings, or focus? Our team of award-winning creative minds can help you craft your story and produce eye-catching assets to complement your community, big or small.

Reach Your Best Potential Audience

It’s critical to spend your marketing budget efficiently. Using a combination of 1st and 3rd party data unique to premium publishers, AMNY marketing experts identify the best online audience for your brand with the greatest propensity to travel to your destination.

How past matching programs made a difference for our travel and tourism partners.

“Thank you, Advance Media NY for offering the AMNY Cares Matching Grant in 2020. The extra reach we got from the matching grant added value to our buy in a year when we most needed the help. I call on AMNY not just because the team shows up at our conferences, but because the staff actively learns about our needs and comes back with programs (like the matching grant) that demonstrates they listen and care.”

Corey Fram, Director of Tourism

Thousand Islands International Tourism Council

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“The AMNY Cares Grant came at just the right time with much needed support for our CVB to continue marketing in a time of deep budget cuts and out-of-state travel restrictions.  Bridget and the AMNY team helped us put together a series of campaigns that made sense.  They doubled our budget, reached our target audience and produced great results.”

Kevin Costello, President & CEO

Corning Finger Lakes Tourism

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“We found out about the AMNY Cares Matching Grant through a webinar with the New York Wine and Grape Foundation. With a $4,000 budget, we created 3 video ads to promote visitation as well as create awareness of our new shipping options (now to 39 states). The team at AMNY is creative, knowledgeable and supportive. Lakewood is very happy to have these video ads that we can use to promote the winery.”

Erin McMurrough, Brand Manager

Lakewood Vineyards

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Sample of NYS Travel And Tourism Matching Grant Program

A NYS destination was looking to advertise their historical sites and spring events. The destination committed a $4,000 budget.

The destination used their $4,000 budget on creative services – video and other campaign assets – to showcase their spring events.

AMNY matched their $4,000 investment – providing a 50% match for $2,000 worth of video impressions on to distribute their newly produced destination video.

$4,000 upfront commitment + $2,000 matching grant program from AMNY = $6,000 marketing budget to promote their spring campaign.

How to Participate in the AMNY Travel & Tourism Matching Grant Program 2023

Applications for the AMNY Travel & Tourism Matching Grant Program 2023 are being accepted now through May 15, 2023. The process takes as little as two minutes and is completed by filling out the form below.


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Once submitted, you’ll hear back in approximately 48 hours. A member of our team will connect by email or phone to begin discussions on how we can help, and how best to develop our partnership to achieve what may be new business needs. We’ll spend time listening, so we fully understand what you need to accomplish, and how we can best help.