1. I can’t access the ePost-Standard.
Did you register your account first? Click here to register.  You will create a password that will be used as your log-in. Please note that once you’ve submitted your registration, it is not complete until you click on the activation link in the email that is sent to you.

2. I forgot my password.
Click here for a new password.  An email with a temporary password will be sent to you. Click on the link included in the email to update your password.

3. I did not receive my email notification today and now I can’t access
the ePost-Standard.

Have you ever received an email notification? If yes, first check to see if the email went to your spam or junk folder. If it hasn’t you can access by going to a previous email and then select the most recent issue. You may also go direct to the site and use your login. Go to and enter your email address and password.

*Please note that there is a known issue with the domain and email notifications. We are working with yahoo to improve deliverability of the email.

4. I used to get the email notification consistently and now I no longer do.
It is likely that you ‘unsubscribed’ from the email notification by mistake. Please contact customer service at 315-470-6397(NEWS) or 1-800-765-3231 or email us at so that we may reactivate this feature.

5. The ePost-Standard locks up on me, takes a long time to load, etc.
Many user issues stem from how the browser is setup. Many basic issues can be solved simply by clearing the cache or adjusting basic browser settings. Here are some simple steps to try:

  • Check to ensure you have Javascript & Cookies enabled
  • Check to ensure you have latest version of Adobe Flash Player for EACH browser, as each one utilizes a slightly different form of the software.
  • Check the version of your browser to ensure it’s up to date.This can usually be found under the “About” option under Help or Settings menus.
  • If you are using any Anti-Virus software / Firewall or Internet Protection Software (Ex: Norton, AVG), check to see if these are blocking cookies or disabling javascript. You may need to refer to your program’s help documentation to learn how to check these types of settings.
  • Lastly, after you check the above, please try to clear your cache and cookies to ensure a “fresh” start: Clear Cache & Cookies

6. I selected ‘Remember user name and password’ after I logged in the first time and it doesn’t remember me.
If you are using the browser’s built-in ‘Remember Me’ functions (browser prompts to save information upon first login), this information is saved locally and not stored within a cookie. If you saved one password and then change that password, the new password will not automatically populate unless you have made this change on the browser’s ‘Remember Me’ setting (not the eEdition ‘Remember Me’). If you do not use the browser’s built in function and have this issue, clear the cache and history, close out of the browser, log back in with your current email and password and select ‘Remember Me’

7.  I am logging in from the same device and it is telling me that I’ve exceeded logins.
Your logins are tracked by the device machine id which is stored in a cookie on your browser. Generally cookies are set to last for at least a month (and re-extended at each login), so that each time you log in from the same device it has the same machine id. If the browser setting is not deleting cookies, it could be another ‘addon’ or firewall that is overriding this setting and assigning a new machine id at each login. You need to contact your ISP (internet service provider) in this case.

8. How do I download the ePS on iPad, Android or Kindle app?

  • You must first register the account.  Click here to register
  • Once the account is registered:
  • Go to the ‘App Store’, ‘Google Play’ or ‘Amazon’
  • Search epost-standard or The Post-Standard
  • Once selected, install App
  • Open App
  • As an exisiting subscriber, you do not have to purchase anything through itunes. Just tap ‘Sign In’.
  • Enter your assigned Email Address and Password
  • Sign In
  • Once signed in, the next edition of the ePS will automatically update for you.

9.  My app is not showing the latest edition or I am not getting all the archives.

  • Try one or two things to correct:
  • Open up the ePS app. Tap on ‘Editions’ icon. Once it opens up, scroll to the bottom and click on clear storage button. Click OK, Click OK, Click OK. Log in again.
  • If #1 does not correct this, take off the app and reinstall. You will need to log back in using your email address and password. If this problem is persistent, please contact customer service at 315-470-6397 (NEWS) or 1-800-765-3231 or email us at

10. How do I clear the cache and delete cookies?
This varies from browser to browser. Instructions for a few browsers are below. Information for other browsers can be found on the internet.

  • Internet Explorer 8
    • From the Safety Menu, click Delete Browsing History
    • From the Tools menu, select Clear Private Data
  • Internet Explorer 7
    • From the Tools menu, select Internet Options.
    • Choose the General tab.
    • Under Browsing history, click Delete.
    • Next to “Temporary Internet Files”, click Delete files.
    • Click Close, and then click OK to exit.
  • Firefox 3 for Windows
    • From the Tools menu, select Clear Private Data
    • Then check Cache
    • Click Clear Private Data Now.
  • Firefox 3 for Mac OS X
    • In Firefox, from the Tools menu, select Clear Private Data.
    • Make sure Cache is checked, and then click Clear Private Data Now.
  • Google Chrome
    • Click the Chrome menu on browser toolbar (image looks like three horizontal lines).
    • Select Tools.
    • Select ‘Clear Browsing Data’.
    • In the dialog that appears, select the check boxes for the types of information you want to remove.
    • Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data that you want to delete. Select ‘beginning of time’ to delete everything.
    • Click Clear Browsing Data.
    • Close and restart Google Chrome.


  • Internet Explorer 6
    • From the Tools menu, select Internet Options.
    • Click Delete Cookies.
    • Click OK.
  • Internet Explorer 7
    • From the Tools menu, select Internet Options.
    • Click on the General tab and then click the Delete button.
    • Click the Delete cookies button.
    • Click the Yes button.
    • Then click the Close button, followed by the OK button.
  • Firefox 3 for Windows
    • From the Tools menu, select.
    • Click Privacy.
    • Click the “Show Cookies” button and then click the Remove All Cookies button.