Diversity & Inclusion

Differences are what shape our world – and Advance Media New York is committed to ensuring everyone in our organization is seen, heard, and feels like they truly belong. We know for Advance Media New York to be a home for everyone, we must hire, develop and retain a diverse workforce. We strive to create an environment where employees feel empowered to contribute their unique ideas and perspectives and feel supported in building their careers.

As part of our mission to strengthen and empower the communities we serve, Advance Media New York remains committed to advancing our diversity and inclusion efforts both internally and externally.  Our plans include new partnerships, new initiatives, and new internal practices.  And, of course, our impactful journalism on syracuse.com and in The Post-Standard, reflects our central to our mission to reflect the strength and diversity of voices in our communities.

Community is central to our mission.  Advance Media New York is dedicated to contributing to our communities through engagement and participation in a broad spectrum of community events.