Political Marketing & Advertising

Advance Media New York is a full-service marketing agency with local political marketing experience. We have experience concepting full scale media plans, developing political campaign creative and executing local political advertising campaigns with precision. We deliver the right message, to the right audience, within the right content to delivering winning results to many local candidates.

We Get Your Voter Base

Advance Media New York owns and operates Syracuse.com and The Post Standard, the two leading local news outlets in Onondaga County and beyond.  We are tapped into the pulse of our community understanding the motivations and frustrations of local residents – your voter base.  These unique insights allow for us to develop authentic creative communication, distributed on the right local media mix to deliver a winning campaign for you.

Premium Publishers, Premium Audience

Syracuse.com and The Post Standard are premium publishers that offer a high quality editorial environment to our advertisers.  A brand safe, premium ad environment is invaluable to political campaigns, looking to be seen as credible and reliable among their voter base.

According to Comscore, political candidates that run on premium publisher sites benefit from a halo effect – with the credibility of the site content halo-ing back to political candidate.  Campaigns that run on premium publisher sites are 3x more likely to experience brand lift, favorability and consideration than those running on non-premium sites.

Full Service Agency with Local Political Experience

While Syracuse.com and The Post Standard are tools in our toolbox, Advance Media New York offers a full spectrum of marketing services to political clients.  We are a full service agency offering brand strategy, creative concepting & development, digital planning and buying, traditional media planning and buying (TV, Radio, OOH), website & landing page development and social media management.

Our team is in full compliance with the ever changing digital media regulations and disclosures related to political advertising.

How We Help You Reach Your Voters

• Online Video Creation/Distribution

• Targeted Online Display Ads

• TV / Radio

• Print ads


• Guaranteed Premium Publisher Impressions

• Websites / Landing Page Creation

• High Impact Ad Placements

• Paid Social Media

Case Study

Goal: Increase name recognition of County Comptroller candidate with a comprehensive, local digital campaign.

To give the campaign a boost in the final stretch before election day, a high-volume impression, high frequency plan was developed.  The impressions were compressed into two weeks to succinctly reinforce the candidates name during these critical final days.  All impressions ran on Syracuse.com, across a variety of positions to capitalize on increased local audience, seeking local election coverage in the weeks leading up to the election.

The County Comptroller won his race by 4 percentage points.  His campaign attributed his win to name recognition among the local voter base.

Case Study

Goal: Develop a targeted digital marketing strategy to support State Supreme Court Justice candidate in highly competitive race.

To capitalize on local reach, a carefully curated local media campaign was developed utilizing high impact Digital placements and high volume impressions on Syracuse.com.  Print ads in The Post Standard were also used to reach the largest potential local audience in the six counties eligible to vote for this race.

The State Supreme Court Justice won the highly contested race by a slim margin.

Case Study

Goal: Generate awareness of and interest in Mayoral candidate ahead of primary election, among Syracuse city residents.

City of Syracuse is home to 141,000 people, making it a small audience.  And it gets even smaller when looking to motivate only democrats and independents who vote in the Democratic primary making traditional, broad awareness mediums wasteful and ineffective.  To reach this niche audience of Democrats and Independents in the city of Syracuse, Advance Media New York developed a large scale digital and print program with high volume, high frequency and high profile placements with premium publisher properties.

The innovative campaign strategy of this candidate led them to win the Democratic Mayoral nomination by 18 percentage points, carrying 50 city districts to victory.

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