Internal Recruitment

When new positions are developed and the job description is written, the usual procedure may be to advertise and recruit candidates from outside. But often the people already working at your company have the qualifications and experience needed for the role, plus they know your culture and are familiar with many processes.

Internal recruitment allows you to examine personnel resources already in place. AMNY Recruitment Marketing can assist you with recruitment solutions both inside and outside your company.

What Is Internal Recruitment?

When recruiting from within your current workforce, the same hiring regulations apply as with external recruitment. So, it’s important to work closely with the Human Resources department. Make sure you understand all the rules because the audience for the job posting, recruitment process, and hiring will be employees and colleagues. Fairness and transparency are always key to the hiring process, especially for internal recruitment.

Categories for Internal Recruitment

There are several categories for internal recruitment or moving current employees into new positions, including:

  • Advance through promotion: When employees take on more responsibilities and often higher pay
  • Transfer between departments: When employees move to a different department or area of the company
  • Reorganize the operation: When employees are given new job descriptions and often new titles designed to add efficiencies and improvements
  • Change job role: When employees take over different job responsibilities to better reflect current tasks, or to join a different department

The experienced team at AMNY Recruitment Marketing can help your company recruit the best talent for the position, whether recruitment is external or internal.

Is Internal Recruitment the Best Solution?

There are a couple of considerations when undertaking internal recruitment. If there are hopes that the position will head up a new arm of the company or take a new approach to your business, internal recruitment might not be the answer. Current employees may be overly influenced by existing practices and routines.

When an employee moves into another position, often their position will need to be filled. If that would be the case, you may need to calculate the effect that internal hiring would have on company operations. However, if talented employees are held back from advancement because of their perceived value in one position, it may motivate them to start looking for an opportunity outside the company.

If current recruitment marketing efforts to obtain talent from outside the company have been unsuccessful, it might be a sign to fill the position with an existing team member. The ideal candidate may be one doing their best work in a particular department, and they may also better understand and value the position.

What Are the Advantages of Internal Recruitment?

There are several benefits s to hiring from within the company. Recruitment costs may be reduced, especially if external candidates must travel for interviews or receive moving expenses as part of their package. These types of moves can become a blueprint for future career pathways within the company, providing a context for employee expectations and loyalty.

Promoting from within can also increase the morale of everyone in the operation. And the time spent onboarding can be used to orient the employee to their new responsibilities, rather than the company overall.

What Are the Disadvantages of Internal Recruitment?

There are some downsides to internal recruitment. When current employees compete for the same job and only one is hired, it can lead to hurt feelings. There’s a chance that those employees not chosen will start looking for positions outside the company.

If employees are promoted because they’ve been on the job longer, rather than because of their skillsets and accomplishments, this can lead to a stagnation of company culture. Employees may perceive that career paths are unfair.

Recruitment Marketers Help You Find Internal Candidates

The rewards of internal recruitment are many, and with the assistance of professional recruitment marketing services, companies can streamline the process. AMNY Recruitment Marketing guides communications with employees and managers. We help coordinate candidate recruitment with your Human Resources department for the best outcomes. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities.