Effective Techniques to Promote Your Company Culture Online

A positive, supportive organizational culture is the key if you want to retain and invest in existing employees. But highlighting your company culture is also a great way to connect with prospective job applicants. To reach talented, qualified candidates, you need to set yourself apart from your competition. To promote your internal culture through your online platform, try these marketing tips from AMNY Recruitment Marketing.

Refresh Your Careers Page

Applicants might peruse other parts of your website, but they will certainly look at your job listings. This page is usually labeled Careers or Jobs, and it offers a major opportunity to highlight your organizational culture.

When writing a job posting, companies often focus on the qualities they look for in a candidate. But it’s just as important to help applicants understand what it’s like to work for you. That means sharing details like salary range, insurance coverage, retirement funds, and other benefits. You’ll also want to include what the work environment is like. Will the job be onsite, remote, or hybrid? Who will the new hire report to, who will they supervise, and which departments or teams will they work with regularly?

Of course, make sure that your careers page is easy to find – it should be in your main navigation, not buried somewhere within your website. And be sure to update the page frequently, removing postings for positions that have been filled.

Avoid Buzzwords

When developing job postings and position descriptions, try to avoid cliches like “fast-paced environment” or “team-oriented.” They’re overused and don’t tell candidates much about what it’s like to work for you. Instead, give illustrative examples. If the company is team-oriented, talk about the collaborative nature of the role and which departments they would work with directly. If you’re committed to a work/life balance, give specifics about how much paid time off and family leave are offered. These details give applicants a better feel for the company and help weed out individuals who wouldn’t fit in with the work culture.

Leverage Social Media

Beyond your website, prospective hires are likely to look at your social media channels. As visual mediums, platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok offer a unique way to showcase your organizational culture. Aim for a mix of informative and fun, lighthearted content that showcases the different aspects of your company, such as:

  • Awards, certifications, or other accolades
  • Employee happy hours, holiday gatherings, or other celebrations
  • Continuing education or professional development events
  • Company history

Share Employee Testimonials

One of the most valuable ways you can communicate your company culture is through your current employees. Employee testimonials provide a firsthand account of what it’s like to work at your organization. Try integrating employee quotes into your print marketing material or posting short videos from current staff members on your Instagram page.

Testimonials can bring your values to life. For example, if you want candidates to know that your company offers growth opportunities, share a testimonial from an employee who started in an entry-level position and moved into a leadership role.

Use Quality, Up-to-Date Images

Too often, companies set up their website and then never swap out their photos. Keep your website and social media channels fresh with recent, high-resolution images that highlight your office environment, staff, and customer base. You should also make sure to document special events and community engagement. Be sure to take photos when your company receives an award, organizes a volunteer day, or attends a local event.

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