The advertising and marketing world is the best industry to be a part of for acquiring worldly knowledge.

As an Account Executive for Syracuse Media Group, I get to be versatile as a jack-of-all-trades among industries; and immerse myself in some of the deepest most profound challenges faced by the business community today. The most rewarding part of my job is seeing clients succeed as a result of the visibility enhancements our staff performs on their behalf.

When people ask me what I do for work, I tell them I am in the business of growing businesses. Progress begins mutually between myself and my clients through a consultative approach to selling. I strive to work interactively with people as an extension of their marketing efforts. Every phone call I make is an opportunity regardless of whether it leads to anything substantial in the first conversation. I have met some great business people in my line of work; people who have changed my perspectives in more ways than one.

I most recently attained my Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Broadcasting and Mass Communication degrees from SUNY Oswego. Digital media was off my radar until senior year of school. It was not until attending a social media conference in Downtown Syracuse that I discovered my passion for digital buzz terminology such as big data, behavioral targeting, and paid social. At college, I was thoroughly involved in student media organizations and volunteered for a variety of TV and radio internships. I learned that talented sales representatives reap some of the greatest benefits over the course of their careers. They are highly sought after in the job market, get paid well, and possess unlimited promotion potential.

Pursuing a narrow career focus provided me with a niche and overall brand-enhancement when talking with potential employers.

I first came into contact with Syracuse Media Group through a classmate who introduced me to my now-current supervisor. My first encounter involved handing off a business card and sending him a follow-up email with my resume attached. I inquired for his thoughts on resume improvements. About a week later he called, said what I did was ‘very smart,’ and promptly invited me in for an interview. I came in for a total of two times and was subsequently offered the job. The company then allowed me to attend a research conference in Shanghai, China prior to my first day; an opportunity I was very grateful to have.

Overall, this is a company that has my back. My colleagues have been wonderful in helping me integrate into the culture; driven my excellence, integrity, fearlessness, collaboration, and fun! The environment we work in is ‘Googley,’ with its futuristic design and layout. I can sit wherever I please and plan meetings with whomever in the office. The building alone helps sell the product.

It is a place that makes me feel proud when clients walk in for presentations.

As I grow more comfortable with my role, each day at Syracuse Media Group invigorates me more than the last. I can envision myself embodying this brand for years on end.

Sonny Goldbaum

By Sonny Goldbaum, Account Executive

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