Employee Testimonials: Essential to Promoting Your Workplace Culture

Office life as we know it has flipped upside down. Since remote work is here to stay, employees and managers are interfacing virtually and office spaces are minimally staffed. For a large number of companies, this brings more opportunities for work-life balance, flexibility, and freedom than ever before. However, this also means that your recruitment strategy may need to pivot, as well.

At AMNY Recruitment Marketing, we understand the staffing challenges many companies with remote workforces face. Here, we’ll discuss the value of employee testimonials and how they’re vital to conveying the workplace culture you’ve cultivated in recent years.

What Is an Employee Testimonial?

You know how great your company is inside and out – why not let your remote employees do the talking? Many companies incorporate staff testimonials in their recruitment marketing strategy. An employee testimonial is an official statement from one of your workers about their experiences at your company. This could be from a lower-level employee who handles many of the day-to-day production tasks or seasoned personnel from upper management with a broader perspective on operations. Some of the benefits of these first-person accounts include:

  • Perspective: Highlighting employees with different experiences to share helps you appeal to a diverse range of prospects.
  • Job knowledge: Testimonials can focus on some of the daily duties of the employee, giving prospects an inside look at a possible role within your company.
  • Familiarity: Watching or reading a testimonial helps potential recruits get to know your company on a more personal level before setting foot in the door.

If your testimonials fulfill each of these goals, they can help foster a sense of confidence in your company as a potential employer. They also help attract the right talent for the open positions, which is more productive than casting a wide net and hoping to find The One.

Types of Company Testimonials

For companies familiar with using customer testimonials to gain new business, the same principles apply: happy employees build trust. They’re on the front lines, keeping business moving forward and ­– hopefully – enjoying being part of your team. Sharing real-life experiences with the public creates transparency and authenticity that can resonate with potential recruits in meaningful ways. Common types of testimonials include:


Writing an article that highlights a specific employee is an easy place to start, especially if this person’s position mirrors some of the open ones available at your company. A piece that thoughtfully balances personal quotes and editorial content creates a well-rounded account.


Many companies create videos that showcase their employees. Recruitment solutions like this put a face and voice to the experience. Keep in mind that videos should be direct and to the point, professionally crafted, and positioned in the right setting. They may require a little more planning than an article but are often well worth it in the end.


If you’re short on time or eager to incorporate personalized views into your digital marketing strategy, grab quotes from a few of your employees. Asking for short statements is a small step toward helping your company resonate better with the current talent available.

Messages that Build Creditability

No matter which marketing solutions you choose, messaging is key. Individual accounts could cover any number of topics. Defining your hiring goals and narrowing down the best parts of your company to convey will help in this process. Examples of what to ask your employees during a testimonial interview include:

What has your journey been like, from where you started at the company to where you are today?

How do your managers support you in this role?

What has the remote work experience been like for you?

How has the company helped you develop professionally?

What are the best parts about working with your team/department?

How do you connect with co-workers and clients remotely?

What are some of the benefits of working for the company?

What advice would you give a new hire?

How does the company support diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

Each of these questions contributes to a common goal – giving prospective talent a better idea of your company culture and what your remote employees think about it. Testimonials break away from the average “We’re Hiring” ad, feel more authentic, and make your call to action stand out.

Promoting Employee Testimonials

How can you spread these valuable messages from remote employees? There are several common ways to promote your testimonials. Firstly, they work great for social media ad campaigns. They’re easy to feature across multiple platforms and help boost engagement. They’re also ideal for the company’s career page or blog. Some businesses even promote open positions by featuring their testimonials in trade magazines and other publications.

If you’re looking for innovative ways to tap into the talent pool and showcase your company culture, let AMNY Recruitment Marketing help. Our team leverages the latest best practices in recruitment strategies and marketing tips to help companies thrive. Contact us to book a consultation today.