Building a Disability-Inclusive Workforce

Did you know that people with disabilities are three times more likely to be unemployed than their able-bodied counterparts? That’s why more and more workplaces are looking to create a disability-inclusive environment that supports and welcomes employees with disabilities, helping them to combat this trend.

AMNY Recruitment Marketing uses its experience with a range of marketing capabilities and industry insights to help businesses recruit new employees, including those with disabilities. Here, we share more information about building a workforce inclusive of people with disabilities.

H2: Ways to Create a Disability-Inclusive Work Environment

More and more companies are beginning to focus on creating work environments that are inclusive to all, including people with disabilities. However, administrators and managers may not know exactly how to do so. There are a few changes you can make within your company to better cater to people with disabilities, including:

H3: Providing Company-Wide Training

One of the best ways to create an inclusive environment for people with disabilities is to educate your staff on how to do so. Provide company-wide training and workshops to teach your employees about disabilities and how to support people with them. These training courses often educate employees on disability etiquette, common accessibility barriers, and inclusive accommodations.

Organizations like National Organization on Disability provide disability employment training programs that can be delivered in-person or virtually. This can work to increase disability awareness at your workplace.

H3: Adjusting Your Interview Process

Another way to accommodate disabled employees is to adjust your traditional job interview process. This is because conventional question-and-answer interviews focus highly on aspects like strong eye contact and quick responses, which may be more difficult for people with disabilities.

Employers can adjust their interview style by assessing the employee’s skills more practically. They can do this by watching the employee complete a task, seeing their completed work in the past, or providing a written skills test. During interviews with candidates who have disabilities, employers should also be aware not to assume their capabilities or limits.

H3: Getting Help From an Agency

When it comes to finding candidates with disabilities to interview, many employers are unsure how to find them. It can be helpful to work with an agency dedicated to recruiting these employees. These agencies are often non-profit and help connect qualified candidates with hiring employers. They also provide disability jobs training and resources to set candidates up for success.

H3: Allowing for Flexibility

A change that can take place at your workplace to improve inclusivity is offering flexibility with work schedules and work types. Some people with disabilities can only work so many hours a week and need a job that allows for flexible schedules. Other people may need to work only remotely when experiencing a flare-up of their disability. Jobs that allow for this flexibility are more inclusive to people with disabilities than those that do not offer accommodations like these.

H3: Encouraging Honest Communication

Another way to ensure your workplace is inclusive for disabled employees is to allow honest communication between staff. Employees with disabilities may need additional accommodations, support, or resources and should feel comfortable discussing these needs with management. By creating an environment where open dialogue is encouraged, you can increase the chances of your employees voicing any concerns. This, in turn, will make them feel included and comfortable in the workplace.

These are some ways to improve inclusivity in your workplace and work toward creating a diverse environment. However, it is important to remember that creating an inclusive workplace takes more than just hiring employees with disabilities. It requires a continuous commitment to policies and practices that support and accommodate these hires.

H2: Market Your Inclusive Workplace to Candidates

Whether you already started creating a more inclusive workplace or looking to, you must market your inclusivity to people with disabilities looking for work. Partnering with AMNY Recruitment Marketing can help your business recruit and attract prospective candidates with targeted messaging and other marketing strategies. To learn more about how AMNY Recruitment Marketing can help your business achieve marketing success in recruiting individuals with disabilities, contact us today.