Highlighting Work-Life Balance in Recruitment Marketing

The typical workday for the average employee today looks drastically different than it did not too long ago. Work-life balance has become an increasingly popular concept that more employees, as well as employers, are taking more seriously. Many organizations are choosing to showcase their commitment to a healthy work-life balance in their marketing efforts. Here, AMNY Recruitment Marketing provides insights into the best practices for highlighting work-life balance in your recruitment strategies.

What Is Work-Life Balance and Why Is It Important?

Work-life balance can best be described as the ability to separate work and personal life. Establishing and maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life entails the following:

  • Setting manageable goals
  • Efficiently using time
  • Communicating effectively
  • Taking breaks when necessary
  • Not over-committing
  • Asking for help when needed
  • Staying active
  • Stepping away from screens and other devices

A healthy work-life balance isn’t just advantageous for employees. Business leaders are starting to take notice that employees who have established a healthy balance between work and their personal lives are more engaged, satisfied, and productive. Studies have found that there’s a significant correlation between work-life balance and employee turnover. Therefore, companies that don’t encourage work-life equilibrium are more likely to experience a high staff turnover.

Work-Life Balance Recruitment Marketing Strategies

Prospective employees searching for job opportunities often seek out employers who care about work-life balance. Evidence shows that 61% of workers wouldn’t accept a job that disrupts their work-life equilibrium. In addition, 71% of employees state that work-life balance is an important factor when searching for a new job. That’s because employees want to know that they will be given the flexibility and opportunity to unplug and recharge when the workday is over.

Organizations wishing to highlight their effort to help employees sustain healthy work-life balance can do so with the following approaches:

Define A Clear Cut Definition

Before you can effectively emphasize work-life balance in a marketing strategy, you must first clearly define it. The concept of balancing work and personal life can mean different things to different people. Therefore, it’s important to define what it means to your business.

Not only will drafting up an official company definition be beneficial for marketing purposes. It will also help to define your company culture for current employees. Additionally, businesses should make sure their definition and mission of supporting work-life balance is easily found on the website.

Create Job Postings That Emphasize Work-Life Balance

When it comes to attracting qualified candidates, job postings do most of the heavy lifting. Companies wishing to market the work-life balance within their organizations should include it in job postings.

When taking this route, companies should focus on the benefits that help employees find balance, such as flexible work schedules, opportunities for working remotely, and anything else that conveys your mission. Incorporating these benefits will help you attract more candidates, giving you a larger talent pool to consider.

Utilize Current Employee Testimonials

There’s a difference between preaching work-life balance and practicing it. Job seekers are aware of this and therefore seek proof. Providing testimonials of current employees helps to build trust and provides insight as to how a prospective employee might fit into your company’s culture.

Include testimonials that outline how your work-life policies benefit employees’ pursuit of a healthy work-life balance. To appeal to a variety of candidates and provide authenticity, testimonials can be both in written and video formats.

Recruitment Solutions at AMNY Recruitment Marketing

More and more organizations are committing to employee well-being. Those who wish to highlight their commitment to a healthy work-life balance should turn to AMNY Recruitment Marketing. Through quality content and other proven marketing capabilities, we successfully help clients showcase their most desirable benefits to boost candidate engagement. For more information about us and the services we offer, contact us today at AMNY Recruitment Marketing.