Consulting services

Consulting Services – we love to collaborate

We work in groups. Your team will consist of a marketing consultant, digital and research analysts, and creative consultants. They each draw from their experience working with businesses of every type and size.

Together we:

  • Define your competitive advantage, your unique selling proposition by market segment, your current challenges, and your future goals
  • Identify measurable goals for your marketing campaign
  • Select the best advertising options for your business, working within your budget
  • Design ads that deliver results
  • Develop a plan to evaluate and improve results based on clear metrics and reporting

Creative Services – Creative you’ll love

The average person sees thousands of ads every day. How can you stand out?

Our creative consultants are artists, story-tellers and technicians. They work in every medium – digital, print, outdoor, video. You name it.

They’re ready to craft and illustrate your story – with whatever tone you need.

Need something modern and bold? Traditional?
Whatever it is, it will:

  • Tell your story
  • Stay true to your brand
  • Deliver a clear call-to-action
  • Generate results
  • And yes, keep it short and simple

Don’t have a look you love? We’ll put our team on it and put together something you will.

Campaign Analytics

Data is what makes marketing a science. We dedicate a campaign coordinator to your account to ensure it meets your goals.

Depending on your campaign, here are some of the things we watch – and share with you:

  • Impressions and click-thru rate
  • Google Analytics, as much or as little as you want. We’ll walk you though who is looking at your website, the bounce rate of pages, why they leave, where they come from, and more.
  • Audience profile – demographics including household income, gender, interests, geography
  • Interaction and viewability with digital ads – where people click and hover, how much time they spend looking at the ad
  •  UTM code tracking
  • Call tracking monitoring and reporting
  • Conversions – form fills, or call tracking reporting and monitoring

Market Research – knowledge is power

With access to the most reputable and respected research, from companies such as Scarborough, comScore and The Media Audit, we can deliver data and analysis for shopping patterns, media behaviors and more.

So you can build your business decisions on a foundation of facts and analysis.

We can also provide reporting tools to manage and measure your search, social, web, mobile and email efforts.

User Experience

The user experience encompasses all interactions a customer has with your brand, both in your brick and mortar store and on your website or app.

User Experience (or UX) design is a process that increases user satisfaction by improving the ease of use of a product or system, creating a more pleasurable experience. Let us help improve your customers’ user experience and increase conversions through evaluation and user testing.

Have your own development team? We can work with them to help ensure your project is centered around your users throughout the development cycle, keeping in mind the best practices for good usable interfaces.