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Marketing Strategy

Audience centric marketing strategy across Upstate New York and beyond

The customer path to purchase is no longer linear. Consumers are inundated with messaging – both traditional and digital – cluttering the media landscape and making the customer moment of truth that much more elusive. To be successful, marketing strategy must work even harder. Objectives must be clearly defined and tactics must produce results, all within the confines of a flat annual budget.

Now that’s a tall order. Although the landscape has changed, the consumer remains at the center of any solid marketing campaign strategy. Consumers still form emotional bonds with brands and ultimately decide whether to spend their hard earned dollar with your or your competition.

The consumer is where it all begins and so does our campaign strategy

Whether your target is an audience of travel intenders in Buffalo, shoe shoppers in Binghamton, Auto buyers in Utica or theater lovers in Albany, Advance Media New York takes an audience centric approach to campaign strategy.  It starts with understanding your ideal customer – from their interests, to their motivations to their purchase history and habits.

From there we create, deliver and measure a custom, multi-faceted advertising campaign strategy with your business’ objectives, strategies and goals as the foundation.  The end result is targeted messaging delivered to an engaged audience — reaching your best customer at the time and the place when it matters most.

Marketing partnership at the core

We’re in this with you.

When we’re at our best, we make our community better by making businesses grown and engaging the community in new ways. Across New York state, Advance Media New York works with companies to determine their business objectives and to develop goals to produce a positive effect on their bottom line.Marketing Strategy - Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo NY

We start by understanding our customers needs and designing and delivering innovative marketing solutions to meet each business’ needs in today’s complex digital world.

Think of Advance Media New York as an extension of your marketing team, providing additional support, resources and knowledge to make the most of your internal team’s efforts. We do our best work when we work in harmony with your existing team, partnering together to achieve your business goals and objectives.

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