Recruitment Marketing Aimed at Gen Z

Businesses have been preparing for Gen Z to enter the job market for a while. But the wait is over, and Gen Z is quickly trickling into the workforce. This means businesses must begin strategizing ways to cater to this next generation of workers. Here, AMNY Recruitment Marketing discusses Gen Z, their workplace needs, and how recruiters can market their job listings to these unique employees.

Understanding Gen Z in the Workplace

Many businesses believe Gen Z is still far removed from the workplace. However, Gen Z is quickly making its mark in many industries. Gen Z covers individuals born anywhere from 1997 to 2012. This means the oldest Gen Z workers have already been in the workforce for a few years. Companies must shift their recruitment efforts to meet this unique generation’s needs.

Generation Z has much different requirements and expectations of their careers than their Baby Boomer and Millennial counterparts. They are passionate about social issues like climate change, sustainability, and inclusion. They also understand technology differently than past generations. Gen Z is the first generation to have grown up through the internet and social media. This means they are tech-savvy individuals with a passion for creativity.

Despite this, Gen Z wants to create meaningful, in-person experiences, especially when it comes to their work. Although this generation relies heavily on technology, they still value human interaction and understand that social media is a tool for building human relationships.

How to Target Gen Z With Recruitment Marketing

Recruiters must cater to Gen Z now to get ahead of competing job markets. Doing so keeps recruitment efforts updated and modern but can also make the recruitment process easier and more efficient. Businesses can target Gen Z in the following ways:

Highlight Diversity and Inclusion

Gen Z values diversity and inclusion in all spaces of their lives, including their workplace. They also hold businesses accountable for social responsibility. Businesses must highlight ways they add diversity and inclusion to a workplace. They should use attractive, inclusive language to gain the attention of Gen Z workers. They should also showcase larger social initiatives, like sustainability and environmental preservation plans.

Ensure an Easy Digital Application Process

Because Gen Z grew up in a digital age, they expect information to be readily available and accessible online. This includes workplace hiring processes. Gen Z wants to stay updated during every step of the application process, ensuring they have all the insights needed to start the job efficiently. Businesses should digitize their job hiring process and give Gen Z workers ways to check on hiring statuses.

Use Technology to Enhance Hiring

As stated before, Gen Z is tech-savvy in social media and cell phones. While they value human interaction, they also expect modernized hiring and work practices with technology. Businesses must accommodate these expectations to gain attraction among Gen Z workers. Consider implementing an online hiring portal where Gen Z candidates can communicate with recruiters during every step.

How Gen Z Is Shifting Workplace Environments

Gen Z wants more from their employees than just a place to work. They want to cultivate meaningful relationships, make a difference, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. To gain the attention of Gen Z and keep them working at your company, you may have to make some changes to your workplace environment.

For example, many companies should consider switching to hybrid or remote workplace formats because Gen Z values a positive work-life balance. Many Gen Z workers are already looking for work-from-home positions, as it gives them unique and flexible work capabilities and can accommodate mental health concerns and other restrictions. Businesses must understand these trends to hire Gen Z employees, as well as avoid increased turnover.

Find Recruitment Marketing Assistance at AMNY Recruitment Marketing

AMNY Recruitment Marketing can help businesses across the U.S. shift from Gen X and Millennial recruitment marketing to Generation Z with success. Gen Z offers a humanity and personalization to the workplace that many haven’t seen before. They hope to change the status quo of normal workplaces to create a fun, exciting, and engaging environment.

The team at AMNY Recruitment Marketing understands how to take these ideas and use them in recruitment marketing efforts. To learn more about how to recruit to Gen Z, contact us today.