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Google doesn’t share the new algorithms behind their updates but they do share new data, analysis and insights in free e-newsletters. Digital first marketers who want to be first with their marketing practices can sign up here to receive one or more of these free reports. Select from dozens of topics and categories. Every marketer needs quick reads to stay informed and interesting reads to stay inspired. Think with Google is a fast, and often fun, dose of insight you should add to your regular diet of information and ideas.  

Stay up to date with the data Google is exploring and the trends they’re tracking. Hear what top marketers in every category are thinking and doing. Go behind-the-scenes of digital campaigns, across industries, audiences and platforms.  

Check out this recent report as Google takes a look at five questions every marketer must ask in 2017.

  1. Am I focused on the right metrics for a mobile-first world?
  2. Do my media plans allow me to react in real time to how my customers are acting and feeling?
  3. Do I have a portfolio of assets that appeal to both the immediate and longer-term needs of my customers?
  4. Am I planning for the blurring lines of TV and online video?
  5. Is my organization building for the mobile screen first?

In this report, you’ll see advertising professionals from Sephora, Home Depot and Sprint share their answers to the questions above. Like what you see in this e-newsletter, be sure to subscribe. They’re a free and fast resource.

Steve Hodgens - Advance Media New York

Steve Hodgens  |  Senior Marketing Manager
Advance Media New York