Why Travel Marketing Requires Higher Conversion Rates

From agencies to hotels and destinations, the travel industry is a vast market and highly competitive. To truly gain an edge, travel companies must pay close attention to their websites’ conversion rates. Advance Media New York serves clients across the United States with travel marketing and advertising assistance. Here, we explain why high conversion rates are crucial for travel-related businesses.

Defining Conversion Rates

To calculate a conversion rate, you first have to identify the number of users who have converted, or taken a specific wanted action on a business’ website. For example, the user becomes a conversion after they click on an advertisement, fill out a contact information form, or make a purchase. The total number of conversions is then divided by the total number of website visitors. That figure is then converted into a percentage, giving businesses a valuable metric to gauge the success of their online presence and initiatives.

Evaluating a website’s conversion rate is helpful in many areas of running a business. It’s also non-negotiable for companies wanting to keep up with the competition. If your website’s conversion rate is lower than you expect, there’s an opportunity to identify flaws in your online consumer experience and improve your marketing efforts.

Combating High Cart Abandonment Rates

High cart abandonment rates are part of why strong conversion rates are so crucial in the travel industry. It’s widely known that the travel industry is victim to some of the highest cart abandonment rates in the entire online marketplace. If a consumer isn’t booking a trip, for instance, the travel company has to find out what’s stopping them. This way, they can improve their marketing strategies to convince travelers to make a purchase. The lower the cart abandonment rate is, the better the conversion rate is, and the better a company’s profit margins are.

Increasing Conversion Rates with More Organic Traffic

While a lot of web traffic isn’t a guarantee for better conversion rates, it certainly does help to get your website in front of the right people. Among the top practices in marketing is search engine optimization (SEO), which aims to help your content rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). In other words, people searching for relevant queries could come across your website, which offers the exact experience, products, or services they are looking for.

When it comes to SEO, it takes more than the right keywords for content to rank on the first page. AMNY Travel Marketing has a qualified team of writers, editors, and strategists, who can create marketing content for your business. A typical SEO content plan includes blog posts, landing pages, social media posts, ebooks, and more. This content provides further insight into your offerings to help consumers reach a decision.

Becoming Mobile-Friendly for Better Conversion Rates

Compatibility with mobile devices should be a top consideration for your website’s design. Along similar lines, if your business doesn’t have an app yet, it should highly consider developing one. More than half of all online bookings were made on mobile devices in 2022. This statistic alone highlights the value of making mobile-friendly platforms a priority on your marketing list. When consumers enjoy the customer experience and can use their preferred devices to make a purchase, conversion rates can drastically improve.

Learn More About Partnering with AMNY Travel Marketing

If you’re a travel-related business, it’s time to get your conversion rates headed in the right direction. Turn to the travel marketing experts at AMNY Travel Marketing. We offer marketing solutions to revamp your overall strategies so you can achieve more success, including improved conversion rates. For more information, contact us today.