Our powerhouse creative and advertising team just aced the New York News Press Association Award of Excellence, snagging a remarkable 6 awards for their 2023 work! They beat out entries from 23 media companies across the competition’s fierce field of 430 submissions. The advertising entries were judged by three individuals from media companies in Upstate New York, one from Indiana and one from Pennsylvania. This recognition is a testament to their exceptional talent and dedication.

Below is a recap of all the awards they won from the competition:

Best Innovative Idea

Lead Poisoning Awareness Campaign for BABY B.A.C.K. Inc.’ 

Our AMNY creative team was tasked with developing a creative concept for an advertising campaign that would provide awareness to the city of Syracuse on lead poisoning issue the city has been experiencing. Our team came up with the concept ‘Get the Lead Out’ and developed an education quiz component that encouraged people to go through a series of questions after reading information on the dangers of lead and how it can be dealt with. By completing the quiz, people were entered for a chance to win a prize. The promotion of the campaign featured young kids (superheroes) who happened to be the age that’s affected most by lead poisoning.  Our creative team developed a wide variety of creative assets for this campaign. They developed impactful videos, social media ads, a flyer, a poster and a press release that was distributed to media outlets in the city. The project was an innovative idea that brought in over 350 quiz entrants with thousands of page views to the website. The project also brought in $25K in revenue. 

  • The team: Matt Sourwine, Lea Gonyea, Jim Kulakowski, Kayleigh Tarbet, Liam Fitzsimmons
  • The website: Campaign Website: https://gettheleadoutsyr.com/ 

Best Use of Video

Amtrak National Recruitment

With currently over 4,500 open positions at Amtrak, in various functional areas across the country, Amtrak has been in a very competitive hiring environment. This video that our creative team filmed (in Washington, DC) and produced was an extension of their Amtrak HR Recruitment campaign. The goal of the video was to promote Amtrak’s value propositions and encourage candidates to apply for their open positions. This video successfully embodies the feeling and emotions they were looking for and it currently is being showcased on careers.amtrak.com. Our creative team also developed shorter cuts of this video that was used for advertising purposes as well.

  • Team: Kayleigh Tarbet, Karen Sherwood, Bridget Cerrone

Best Online Ad (Static)

Waterloo Regional Airport (ALO) – Summer is Calling

Our creative team concepted and designed this online static ad for an airport in Iowa. It serves as an inspiration for people in their local area to travel and to book a flight with them to make summer memories. It features beautiful imagery and a strong message.

  • Team: Kayleigh Tarbet, Christina Cole

Best Online Ad (Animated)

Watertown Regional Airport (ATY) – Say Yes!

Our creative team concepted and designed this online animated ad for an airport in South Dakota. It serves as an inspiration for people in their local area to travel and to book a flight with them. It features beautiful imagery and a strong message.

  • Team: Matt Sourwine, Kayleigh Tarbet, Christina Cole

Best Custom Sponsored Content Piece

Amtrak Pennsylvania Stations Improvement Campaign

Amtrak Pennsylvania has been a client of AMNY for a few years now. Our team was tasked with putting together a campaign that shined a light on all the improvements some of their stations within the state underwent after years of planning and construction. Part of our campaign last year was sponsored content on Syracuse.com. The link below includes an article that ran in the campaign that speaks to readers about all the station improvements in an impactful way. This piece of content is a great example of something that draws in readers with ticket sales in mind for riding the train. The corresponding online ads on the page for the event were also designed by our creative services team and the :30 video was filmed and produced by our team as well.

  • Team: Bridget Cerrone, Karen Sherwood and Mary Jo Kravec

Most Effective Use of Paid Small Space

Inside Syracuse Basketball Podcast Coverage

AMNY’s coverage for Syracuse University Basketball is unmatched. This ad features the podcast coverage with Mike Waters and our advertising team was able to generate sponsorship revenue from it as well from a local hospital.  

  • Team: Matt Sourwine, Dylan Carpenter, Lizzy Martin 

Congratulations to our talent creative and marketing/advertising team and thank you to all of our clients for the opportunities you provide us with.

Additionally, if you are in need of marketing or creative services, we’d love to put our talent to work for you! Please reach out to creative@advancemediany.com or use the form on our contact page and one of our marketing experts will follow up with you shortly.