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A digitally focused company filled with experts

We pledge to employ the most fearless, knowledgeable employees on the forefront of digital technology. That’s nearly 200 people focused on telling stories – nearly 100 marketers focused on partnering with you to make your business grow, and an award-winning team of journalists who fuel the No.1 Newspaper Website in America. (Scarborough/Nielsen INA Newspaper Penetration Report R2 2014)

We make businesses grow by partnering with clients, understanding customer needs first; and working together to move companies forward with innovative and comprehensive marketing campaigns that work. We build a team to talk digital marketing – Audience Targeting, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Google Analytics – that’s what we do best.

We believe:

  • Our work empowers companies to prosper
  • Diversity of opinion and experience leads to better decisions

All employees are digital experts and brand ambassadors.

Syracuse Media Group ranked among the Best Companies to Work for in New York State

Best companies to work forWe love our company, our office, our colleagues. We’re happy to announce that they like us, too.

In April 2015, Syracuse Media Group ranked among the top 25 small- to medium-sized employers in New York State, according to the New York State Society for Human Resource Management’s (NYS-SHRM) annual Best Companies to Work for in New York State awards program.

This eight-year-old program uses confidential employee surveys – evaluating employee satisfaction and engagement – along with benefits and company policies, to rank companies. The employee survey portion of the evaluation has a 75% weight in the ranking formula.

The full list of winners is here:

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