Our marketing and creative services team is proud to announce our award-winning entries from the work we did in 2019. 173 media companies submitted 2,918 entries into the yearly New York Press Association (New York Advertising and Marketing Excellence) Awards Competition. Participating companies competed for awards in 64 categories as well as the John J. Evans Award for Advertising Excellence.

As a team, we took home 1st place in the prestigious John J. Evans Award for Advertising Excellence – a statewide honor. We’re thankful for all the projects we’re able to work on and for all the amazing clients we have.

Below is a recap of all the awards we won from the competition:

John J. Evans Award – Advertising Excellence

1st Place – Advance Media New York’s Marketing & Creative Services Team

  • Advance Media New York earned 80 points in the creative/advertising portion of the contest. First place awards were won for Best Ad Campaign and Best Large Space Ad, and second place awards for Best Real Estate/Home Section, Best Ad Campaign, and Best Large Space Ad. Third place honors were also received for Innovative Ad Project. The judges said, “very nice job relaying the message…each creative submission appealed to our senses… great way to tie in video/web…love the focus and detail…bravo!”

Sharon Fulmer Award – Community Leadership

1st Place – Karen Sherwood, Tom Brown and JoAnne Coughlin Walsh

  • The judges said “Just wow. Great example of community leadership. Raising $47,000 is no small feat and this entry shows just how it can be done. Leadership is the common thread throughout the entire entry, with the accompanying letter explaining how staffers raised the money. And attached brochures and promotional materials go above and beyond the other entries. The Post Standard even had a mascot for the effort. Great job.”

Best Online Dynamic Ad

1st Place – Matt Sourwine/Kayleigh Tarbet (Hattiesburg-Laurel Regional Airport (PIB)

  • The judges said “Great plane animation!”

3rd Place – Matt Sourwine (Stanley Law)

  • The judges said “Simple and clean. Good play on words.”

Honorable Mention – Kayleigh Tarbet (Amtrak)

  • The judges said “Like the animation of the Ferris wheel to connect readers to the Fair and kids”

1st place entry:

2nd place entry:

3rd place entry:

Best Targeted Email

1st Place – Lea Gonyea (Mentoring Monday)

  • The judges said “Great opening animation! Very – eye-catching!”

2nd Place – Kayleigh Tarbet (Critical Link)

  • The judges said “Powerful graphic, easy to navigate tool for driving prospects to the site.”

Best Advertising Campaign

1st Place – Lea Gonyea/Steve Hodgens (United Way – 211)

  • The judges said “Love how the ad campaign tied in with the video. Video addressed multiple issues the 211 service can help with. Well done!”

2nd Place – Lea Gonyea (Genius NY)

  • The judges said “Very nice job relaying the message. The video draws you in and has some nice touches…love it!”

3rd Place – Kayleigh Tarbet (Discover Albany)

  • The judges said “Appealed to my senses…bravo…might have to Discover Albany for myself.”

Best Large Space Print Ad

1st Place – Matt Sourwine/Steve Hodgens (Syracuse Crunch)

  • The judges said “I love this—the focus and detail, and it captures the excitement of being there.”

2nd Place – Karen Sherwood/Matt Sourwine (Holidays in the City)

  • The judges said “This was designed very nicely. I love the community events and layout of the whole day of festivities.”

Best Online Static Ad

2nd Place – Matt Sourwine (Driver’s Village)

  • The judges said “Great Job!”

Honorable Mention – Lea Gonyea (Unknown)

  • The judges said “Lovely!”

Best Real Estate / Home Section

2nd Place – Parade of Homes (The Post-Standard)

  • The judges said “The Post-Standard, Syracuse Patrice David Gorgeous homes paired with beautiful decorating ads really make this standout. Nice use of graphic elements throughout. The builders, contractors and decorators must really appreciate this publication, as well as anyone interested in home searching or just looking to gather great ideas.”

2nd place entry:

Best Special Sections/Niche Publications Newsprint

3rd Place – SU Basketball Preview Section (The Post-Standard)

  • The judges said “Unique cover, great action shots, and photography throughout. Content all relating covers everything you need to know about basketball.”

Honorable Mention – SU Football Preview Section (The Post-Standard)

  • The judges said “Nice comprehensive football section.”

3rd place entry:

Best Innovative Ad Project

3rd Place – Lea Gonyea / Jason Murray (SU Sports Special Sections Video)

  • The judges said “Great way to tie in video/web to promote the newspaper’s sports products. Excellent production value, and a real sense of the paper’s involvement with local sports.”

The entries were judged by members of the Washington Publishers Association and the winners were determined based on the following point system:

  • Each First Place Award…………………………….20 Points
  • Each Second Place Award…………………………10 Points
  • Each Third Place Award…………………………..5 Points

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