Many in the advertising and marketing fields tend to focus on the data driven and technology forward aspects of audience targeting.  But, it’s the psychological part of the process that had me at hello.

Sure it’s cool how technology has allowed us to track users using cookies or to use intricate algorithms to serve digital ads in real time.  But what is more fascinating is our ability to use this information to build online lookalikes based on real people’s interests, loves and passions – to translate the real live human walking into a business into a structured data point browsing the shelves of an online store.

People are still people.  Whether they are standing in front of you or veiled by the glow of a digital screen, they still have needs – a need to have the latest handbag, the need to know how their team did, the need to have a functioning dishwasher by the time people come to dinner.  And it’s up to us as marketers to showcase how our product or service can be the hero to fulfill that need.

With audience targeting, half of the challenge is identifying the audience.  The other half is figuring out what to say to them – to understand what motivates them to choose you.  All the branding and content created, needs to hit them at a deeper level than a 50% sign in the window (or on a flashing Digital Display ad).  It needs to address their needs, provide them with value and show them how you are different than your closest competitor.

Like any well written poem or perfectly timed proposal, it needs to strike something within them that proves that they just can’t live without you (or at least what you’re selling).

Audience targeting gives you the means to reach your most desirable audience online but it’s what you say to them after you find them that leaves the greatest impact.  The content and creative you showcase in your Digital storefront sets the tone and creates a personal connection which has the potential to create a long lasting relationship with those most important to your business.

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Lindsay Marlenga

Lindsay Marlenga,‎ Senior Director of Visibility