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Legal Notices in The Post-Standard

Advance Media New York publishes legal notices in The Post-Standard on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Following the last day of publication, you will receive a notarized proof of publication, and a copy of the ad, prepayment may be required.

Sunday   Line Ads     Display Ads
First Day Rate   64.50¢   72.50¢
Subsequent day(s) rate   55.50¢  63.50¢
Tuesday/Thursday   Line Ads     Display Ads
First Day Rate   52¢   60¢
Subsequent day(s) rate   43¢   51¢

$12 charge for notarized affidavits.

21 characters per line.
Rates are non-commissionable.
These rates are fixed by circulation category.To place a legal notice in The Post-Standard:
Phone: 315-470-2051
Fax: 315-470-2050

Pamela GallagherSales Representative – Legals

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