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We always start with data

Advance Media New York bases all of its digital marketing tactics and strategies using data insights. Whether our clients are located in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, or Albany, data is the starting point for everything we do. It provides our marketers and our clients with a path to success.

Our team utilizes a number of in-house proprietary software to better educate and structure our campaigns using data as the backbone of marketing. To name a few, our sources include Burt Analytics to better understand and target audiences, Nielsen to create profiles and personas of targeted customers, and ComScore to understand panel and demographic profiles of site users. These all combine into a well-rounded and well-vetted market research plan for our clients.

Consumer Insights Analysis

If you’re interested in consumer insights or data insights in Upstate New York, our team canMarket Research - Syracuse, Albany, Buffalo, Rochester NY help. Our customer insights analysis service provides you the ability to better profile using data marketing. We take a closer look at your customer data and profile them by age, household type, gender, income, and other key demographics. This provides our digital marketing company with the insights it needs to optimize campaigns.

Voice of Customer (VoC)

Interested in Voice of Customer (VoC) research? We partner with some of the best and the brightest local market research companies to provide you with the access and the data you need to talk to even your hardest to reach customers.

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Advance Media New York is the official digital marketing agency for the Home & Garden Show in Syracuse, NY. Our market research segmented home improvement populations locally including the most common types of home and garden activities to utilize in our marketing messaging. Our expert analysts interpreted mountains of data to tell our marketing strategists what makes this targeted audience “tick.” Our Nielsen data showed us which digital and traditional marketing channels to invest in including Facebook, YouTube, and specific TV stations and radio stations which provided the highest reach among this specifically targeted home remodeler segment.

To learn more about market research and data insights, contact a digital marketing consultant today.