Video Marketing

Video marketing is a great way to tell a story

Did you know that nearly 100 million people in the United States watch about 1.2 billion videos online every day? And that more than half of those videos are watched on their phones? That means people can watch your video any time – anywhere – as they wait in a doctor’s office, in line at a store, at dinner, whenever they have a minute to look at their phones.

Advance Media New York can produce and place your videos in digital display ads or even in the middle of stories as one more way to tell your story.

No company video? No problem. We’ll work with you to develop a video strategy to meet your needs, produce and place your video to engage your customers, and entice them to share with their social networks.

It’s that easy!

Reach audiences through in-story video ads

Your video ads can now be served in-content – within highly-engaging news article pages on desktop, mobile and web tablet devices. While the reader scrolls the page, article text wraps around the in-content video screen.

In-content video ads can be :30 or :15 in length. Unlike video pre-roll, your ad stands alone; no other video content plays in conjunction with your ad.

Additional benefits of in-story video

  • Served within content/article pages where users are most highly-engaged
  • Viewability rates higher than standard IAB video ad units
  • Unprecedented inventory
  • More targeting options than before: content, geographic and behavioral
  • Less intrusive than pre-roll. The user can scroll past ad or engage if they choose. When users view ads, engagement is 75% higher than when forced to watch pre-roll.

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A local auto dealership implemented both YouTube TruView pre-roll and in-story video as a compliment to their robust TV buy. By re-allocating a portion of their traditional TV budget to online video formats, the advertiser expanded their brand awareness across a new platform and exposed their messaging to a new online audience. Over 90% of the website traffic generated by online video platforms came from new visitors to the website.

To learn more about video marketing, contact a digital marketing consultant today.