The Message and the Money

I’m an adamant promoter of tracking your advertising results so you know what is bringing in a good return on your investment.  Thanks to Google Analytics, we can understand better what brings a customer in the first time, second time…third time…sixteenth time…before they finally take the action that you want.  Yes—you read correctly—it may take 16 visits before you convert!

I was reviewing the campaign results for a client in GA, and noticed it took 16 visits from 1 person before they finally purchased their ticket to attend the workshop.  (FYI–Setting up Goals in Google Analytics is very important, so you can track results).

Often times, it’s the ‘last click’ that gets all of the credit for the conversion.  But if you look carefully at the analytics, you’ll realize that there were many other touch points that started them down the sales funnel; Awareness and Engagement/Consideration before the final Conversion.

In the case of this same business, we were generating interest and consideration through targeted: Emails, Content Marketing, Facebook and Digital Display ads, as well as traditional radio and tv ads.  The Paid Search/Pay-per-click campaign was simply the last safety net for the customer find them, if they didn’t take action right away from the other campaigns.

Think about it this way…if you weren’t aware of an opportunity, how would you know to ask Google/Yahoo/Bing the question?

A comprehensive marketing campaign takes a customer through every stage of the sales process; Awareness – Engagement – Conversion.

Picture a bulls-eye.  The only people interested in what you have to offer right now are the people in the bulls-eye.  If you continue to speak to the people in the ‘outer rings’, they’ll eventually move into the bulls-eye/conversion space.


All advertising vehicles work together, as long as you’ve created a clear, compelling and memorable message.  Are you thinking about where you’ll find your customers, and how many times you’ll have to tell your story before they’ll take action?  Every person needs something different to draw them into action.

Let’s tell your story together…in multiple places.

Let’s fill the dart board with arrows!