Why choose SMG for SEM

Why us?

  • We are local
  • We have the backing of Advance Digital which brings a large level of expertise and platforms to take our clients search campaigns to the next level
  • Every person in our organization is Google Adwords certified
  • We have been recognized as a Microsoft partner in 2013 and 2014 and 2015.

Campaign performance:

  • 5% is the industry standard CTR and our average client see’s a CTR at least 2-3% which is usually at least 30% higher than the competition- this of course varies based on vertical.
  • We achieve higher CTR than most due to our campaign
  • We have multiple platforms for SEM so we do not have to force you on to a certain platform we pick which one will reach your goals.
  • Our campaigns are set up correctly with google and bing’s best practices to include: Dynamic keyword insertion, relevant site links, call outs, relevant adcopy, call extensions, all mobile capabilities as well.
  • We take the next step for our advertisers to set up Google Analytics and track goals that we can set up for them if needed.
  • We do not just track clicks- we are looking to create a long relationship with our clients so we want to track either phone calls, form fills, map clicks, reservations, sales etc. to prove success of the campaign and optimize accordingly.


  • Will come to you with recommendations for your campaign
  • We want to optimize your campaign to get the best results- we do not set it and forget it.
  • We have information seminars at our building every so often, for clients so they can learn more about trending topics such as Google analytics, Audience Targeting, Search engine optimization, Social media, etc